Sunday, February 24, 2013

WeWriWa o2.24.13

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors!

Yet, another crazy week here, and I'm sure next week will be no different. I spent all day Saturday on a music video set at my school. I am exhausted. I wasn't going to work on this one because there are other shoots I want to work on, but my friend was short a person for props, so I filled in. (Thanks Crystal!) Then after the lunch break, I ended up switching to slate. (Thanks again to Crystal!) 
RED camera!
Quiet on the Set!
Its all in the details!
Photo Credit: Crystal

Onto my 8, from my WIP BloodLust: Armani. Last week, Armani was force feeding Karlea his blood. We left off where Karlea was becoming stronger from it. 

Before she had a chance to struggle out of his grasp and put up a fight, Armani went to sink his fangs into the fleshy area between her neck and shoulder, when he stopped. The thought of a fight with her seemed entertaining. She would be strong, but not enough to take him down, she didn't ingest that much of his blood. It would be interesting to see what she could do.  
He released his arm that he still had across her shoulders. She seemed surprised and confused that he was releasing his hold on her. She pulled away and stood up quickly and with grace, not with unstable legs that had been unconscious in a dungeon for hours. Armani, still kneeling on the ground, watched every little movement she made as she stood, enthralled by her beauty.

He has it so bad for her! Thanks for reading! And yes, I still have to catch up. Working on set yesterday, threw me off, It was supposed to be spent catching up and doing schoolwork. 

Please comment, I love reading your comments and it really does help me improve my writing since this is a WIP and my first novel.

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Hearts & Stars

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WeWriWa o2.17.13

I still have to fight the urge to write Six Sentence Sunday in my title, its so... automatic. 

Another crazy week in the Star household. Or the House of Star & Midnight as I may refer to it sometimes. (I've always wanted to open a Irish pub and call it the House of Star & Midnight. I guess now I would have to make it an Irish Vegan/Pescatarian pub that serves non-alcoholic drinks, to reflect our new lifestyles. That's works well for an Irish pub, don't you think ;) The drinks would have to be so good that you think you are drinking alcohol. Haha)

Anyway, we had friends from back home stay with us for a few days. This is the first time we have seen anyone since leaving Rochester a year and a half ago. Which made it hard to watch them leave on Tuesday, it was kinda like leaving Rochester again. The kids had a especially hard time with it. But we had a blast hanging out and catching up. And I finally saw the Golden Gate Bridge! I've only seen it from a very far distance, where you can't make out what color it really is. It is such an incredibly massive structure when you are near it!

It finally made me realize that I am really living here, that the bridge is practically my backyard and I don't have to leave it anytime soon. That I'm not a tourist who will go back home far away, instead I'm exploring my new home. It finally made living in California a reality, something I have been dreaming about for years. Every time I stepped out the door this week, I had a totally new take on my surroundings. And my crappy little 3 bedroom I am renting with hardly a yard, is now starting to feel a little more like home. Although, I still want to move to a better house when my lease is up! It made me stop missing my Atlanta home so much (not Atl, just the house). We just have to get through our lease here and then we can move into a nicer home in the area that has a yard for the kids.

So, on to my 8 for the week. Last week, Karlea was left unconscious in a dungeon by Armani, after he decided to keep her, living. She was just coming to when we left.

With her palms flat, she lifted herself and sat up. Immediately, someone grabbed her from behind, wrapping their arm around the front of her shoulders and pulling her into them. She screamed, her voice dry and hoarse. 
Armani had been standing in the darkness watching her sleep for hours, making sure her heart kept beating.  His sleeve already rolled up, he bit his wrist deep, moaning, and then shoved it in her mouth. The blood flowed heavily and he was sure, even with her struggling, she would manage to swallow some. Soon after, he could feel her becoming stronger from ingesting his blood. He pulled his wrist away as Karlea caught her breath.

Thanks for reading! Please comment, I love reading comments, it helps me with my writing! I will have to spend a day to catch up on past SSS and WeWriWa because I am just so far behind now. I'm on my second week of classes and I'm already a bit behind, I just need to get on a good schedule with everything and then my Saturday mornings can be spent reading others WeWriWa. 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

WeWrWa o2.1o.13

Welcome to the second Weekend Writing Warriors!
It is early and I am so not awake right now. I've been doing the sleep 3 or 4 hours a night all week and I am just beat as I write this. Classes started Monday and the first week is always the slow intro week, so I can't really comment on it. I'm just trying to get back into the groove and discipline of classes while still trying to focus on everything else I'm doing. Plus the hubby was away at a business retreat for 4 days - yeah, I'm tired. Then friends flew in from snowy Rochester to visit last night. Yay! We haven't seen anyone from back home in like a year and a half. Pretty crazy. It is so nice to see some familiar faces from back home!!!!

Needless to say, I still have not caught up on SSS/WeWriWa posts.   

So, on to Armani and Karlea. Armani saved her after almost killing her and last week he was trying to drag her into a room, of which Karlea can only think its so he can drink her dry, again. She has no idea...

Instead of pushing her into the room at the end of the corridor; a sex room where Armani usually killed his victims; he made a detour and pushed her into a small room that was more like a dungeon, the steel door echoing as it slammed shut. 
Armani twirled her around by her wrists, so she was facing him. He looked into her eyes, compelling her, "You need to rest now."
Karlea went to protest, but lost consciousness. Armani caught her in his arms and set her down on ground. He left the room locking the door behind him.

When Karlea gained consciousness again, she had no idea how long she had been out for. She opened her eyes and slightly looked around; her throbbing headache making it difficult. 

What's worse being dead or being a prisoner? Will he kill her soon after holding her hostage? Is he going to turn her? What is she in for? I guess you will just have to stay tuned :)

Please comment, I love reading comments! And eventually I will get around to commenting on yours. Don't worry, I am keeping tabs on all the posts I have to read. 

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Six Sentences - WeWriWa o2.o3.13 ???

Welcome to... I don't know what I'm doing yet. I signed up for Skye Warren's six. But then I signed up for Weekend Writing Warriors, too. Skye is only hosting six sentences once a month and every third Sunday there will be a writing prompt for a blog post. I want to do this, but I still want to post snippets from my story every week, which is why I'm doing WeWriWa. However, WeWriWa is 8 sentences each week. So, I have to figure out the best way to post once a month so I don't get booted from either one? Maybe make two separate blog posts for each sharing the same snippet? Or maybe each one sharing a different snippet and readers then get a bonus once a month? 

For this week, I'm just going to stick to one blog post that is eight sentences and hopefully I won't get booted from Skye Warren's six.

I'm also doing Karysa Faire's six on Facebook, but I only have to copy/paste six to the discussion and then the link to my blog. It doesn't matter how long the snippet is in the blog.

Oh and go 49ers!!!! This city will be on fire tonight if they win! This city will be on fire if they lose. Either way, its going to be a crazy night in the Bay! 49ers fever has been electric for the past two weeks and I can't believe I live in such an amazing city! Please win this for my dad - love you dad! I started following Joe Montana on Twitter too, just so I can tell my dad what he tweets about the game. I will also be sending Mr. Montana a few tweets as well today.

So, on to Armani and Karlea. I believe he almost killed her last week and then, at the last minute, healed her with his blood to keep her alive and human. What will he do with her now?

Armani grabbed her arms and pulled her into him.
"I had to let you know what it was like." Armani whispered, "Forgive me."
He pulled her up, holding her by the wrists from behind as Karlea screamed and struggled.
"Now no more distractions." 
He said into her ear before kissing her neck, "I want you."
Armani once again pushed her towards the steel door at the end of the corridor, the one he was originally trying to get Karlea to before he was distracted. Karlea struggled, but his grip just became tighter and tighter.

Thanks for reading! And I still have to catch up on everybody's posts for the last two weeks, which I will do at some point! My 5 kids have been keeping me really busy and I've been trying to spend more time with my 2 and 3 year old, instead of being on the computer when they are running around sometimes - my 3 year old daughter is going through a phase where she wants to do everything with me and I LOVE it!!! Not going to pass that up. And classes start tomorrow! I'm freaking out! I've been on a two year break from my MFA program and tomorrow I go back. I'm taking two classes, Cinematography and Entertainment Law & Practices. 

Please comment, I love reading comments!

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