Sunday, March 24, 2013

WeWriWa o3.24.13

Happy Sunday! This week's eight from my WIP titled BloodLust: Armani, picks up right where we left off last week, with Armani always wanting to know more about her...

"I'd really like to know what you did so wrong, that Jake doesn't ever want you back?" Armani dug his perfectly manicured long, sharp nails into her wrist. Karlea gasped as blood began to drip down.
Knowing the idea was planted in her mind, Armani licked the blood and drank from her wrist.
Armani pulled away. "You slept with his maker." He smiled. "You wanted them both at the same time."

Oops...I don't think she wanted him to know that :)

I have to thank everyone who commented last week, I didn't get a chance to comment back, I have been so swamped with classwork, so, thank you! I think I'm going to be swamped until the end of the semester. :(

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Have a great week!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

WeWriWa o3.17.13

Happy St. Patty's Day! This is usually my fav holiday, but this year I am too busy to decorate, nor really celebrate. My sunday is going to be spent doing homework that I am totally behind on. And it will be my first sober one, no Guinness, no Irish Coffee, no Bailey's, and no Hennessy Irish Whiskey. 

This week BloodLust: Armani continues right where we left off last week; Armani is trying desperately to get Karlea to play with him ;)

Karlea pushed his hand off of her. "I know what to do,' she replied, "I've done it before."
Armani grabbed her wrist and grinned, "Your past seems very intriguing. From what I know already, you highly enjoy being bitten---"
"Only by Jake." Karlea interrupted. 
"A vampire bite is a vampire bite. And every time I have bitten you, I have felt the excitement rise in you."

Uh-oh, he's on to her ;)

So, I am going to share my pitch from Pitchapalooza for those who did not get a chance to read it. I may fix up the last line and add more. I haven't had a chance to work on it since my critique.

When Armani Foscari, sees the beautiful human, Karlea, walk through the doors of the private Manhattan vampire club alone, he thinks she is incredibly stupid, although she seems confident and brave. Any human that comes into the club without a vampire escort is fair game, she must want to die. Maybe he should feel bad for her because these monsters will tear her apart – too late her blood has already tempted him.
Claiming his prize before any others can, Armani compels her to leave with him, but it takes more effort than it should. Armani will derive his own twisted pleasure before draining her until her heart stops beating, but he will soon discover her dark desires and her recent past as a lover to a vampire; one that left because she was somehow too much to handle, and was why she was in the club that night, alone, to find him.
Intrigued, Armani must resist the urge to kill and keep her alive, determined to get her to give in to her desires, and be completely submissive to him. Together their chemistry is on fire, even as she resists him at every turn. Can he keep her human and get her to accept, what he wants to be, her new life?
BloodLust: Armani will tempt you, possess you, and leave you breathless.
So, I have to ask my more seasoned writers, what is the difference between this pitch and a blurb? I wrote something else that was supposed to be a "blurb".
Thanks for reading! And please comment, I love comments!

Behind the Scenes - Setting

Welcome to the first Behinds the Series, hosted by Skye Warren. This week's topic is Setting and how it relates to BloodLust: Armani. 

BloodLust: Armani is set in Manhattan. Both Karlea and Armani live in the East Village, only on two different ends of the spectrum. Karlea in a one bedroom shoebox for an apartment and Armani, a fancy highrise that he owns, complete with several dungeons in the basement. Little would Karlea know that she would be held hostage in such a nice building a few blocks from her home. She works at a nightclub in Greenwich Village and Armani owns a gallery in SoHo.

As a native New Yorker and a vampire writer, I thought NYC needed a vampire presence. Within the last few years, Boston has one, Los Angeles has had one, and the South is represented, too, although I would not want my vampires in the South. Manhattan was very suiting for my characters, and I couldn't picture them living in another big city. No city is like Manhattan. 

I needed a place that had lots of people always moving around and had a very active nightlife. Somewhere where a vampire club would fit in and go completely unnoticed. The weather is good for a vampire - cold, rainy, snowy, sometimes warm and sunny, not like California. 

Later in the book, Armani will sweep her away to some of the most beautiful places on earth, such as Italy, vacation areas along the Mediterranean, and in the South Pacific. Armani is trying to get her to fall in love with him and what better places to do that than in some of the most romantic areas where Karlea will be wowed by the landscape. I had seen some beautiful images on fb that my sister-in-law had re-posted of exotic places and it completely inspired me to whisk Armani and Karlea away to secluded islands where they could be alone. 

I have another vampire story that is set in small town Vermont and those characters have to be more secluded and watch what they do all the time, so the townspeople don't notice. There are no blood bars and humans are rarely fed upon. I couldn't image my BloodLust characters in a situation like that altogether - a few them had lived separately in small towns for periods of time - but to have all of them live in a small town would have made them all miserable and less of an erotic story. In Manhattan, almost anything goes ;)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

WeWriWa o3.10.13

Welcome to another edition of WeWriWa! I hope everyone is doing well and adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings, if you are in a region that participates. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I really hate it. It totally messes with your body clock. And mine is still trying to get used to the PST time change. 

So, I have a huge favor to ask all my readers. My pitch for BloodLust: Armani was one of 25 chosen to participate in Pitchapalooza hosted by The Book Doctors. Could you please take a minute to visit and vote for me? Voting ends Friday. The fan favorite wins a 1 hour consult with The Book Doctors, Arielle & David, (@TheBookDoctors). They will also pick a grand prize winner (which I believe results of the voting help influence) who will receive a meeting with an appropriate publisher or agent. THANK YOU so much, I am so excited to have my pitch up there!!!!

Last week, Armani did what he does best - tease.

Karlea watched as Armani turned around and walked a few feet over to the opposite wall. He turned around and faced her, leaning against the wall, waiting. Karlea hestitated, she had fought vampires before high on vampire blood, but they attacked her first, she wasn't the one initiating the attacking. 
Armani stepped back over to her. "Feel my blood in you." He said as his fingers gently touched the flesh at her neck.
"Feel its strength, coarsing through you." He continued, gently dragging his fingers down her soft, warm skin to her heart.

And cut :( That's a wrap for today. Thanks for reading and please vote for me!

Have a great week!
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

WeWriWa o3.o3.13

Happy March! March is usually one of my favorite months due to St. Patty's Day and being 1/2 Irish. This will be my first time "veganizing" St. Patty's Day and keeping it alcohol free. It was hard enough when I went vegan to give up Bailey's Irish Cream ( I love Bailey's in coffee, but then I gave up coffee too). And now I've given up alcohol altogether, so it should be an interesting day. I'm still planning to go to an Irish bar and celebrate with a glass of water. 

Spent Saturday having lunch next to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was gray and cloudy, but it was awesome watching the fog roll in over the bridge. It still amazes me that I can do this. 

So, on to WeWriWa. Last week, after Armani fed Karlea his blood, making her stronger, he was going to drink from her again. But then he decided he wanted a little play time...

Karlea immediately went over to the door as Armani stood up, but she didn't seem surprised to find that the door was locked. She turned around to face Armani. She jumped when she turned around and he was directly in front of her, towering over her.
"Let me go." She said in a quiet and non-demanding way.
Armani smiled, "I have the key." He pulled the key from his pocket to show her, it was very antique looking, as if it wasn't even a real key.
"If you want out," he said, still smiling, "you're going to have to come and get it from me."

I would love to keep going, but that's eight. Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments, it helps me improve my writing. I finished writing my blurb for the book this week, but I don't know if I should share it because my eights are from the beginning of the book and I don't want my blurb to ruin it for anyone. Thoughts?

As always, you can find Karlea & Armani on social media:

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