Sunday, March 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Setting

Welcome to the first Behinds the Series, hosted by Skye Warren. This week's topic is Setting and how it relates to BloodLust: Armani. 

BloodLust: Armani is set in Manhattan. Both Karlea and Armani live in the East Village, only on two different ends of the spectrum. Karlea in a one bedroom shoebox for an apartment and Armani, a fancy highrise that he owns, complete with several dungeons in the basement. Little would Karlea know that she would be held hostage in such a nice building a few blocks from her home. She works at a nightclub in Greenwich Village and Armani owns a gallery in SoHo.

As a native New Yorker and a vampire writer, I thought NYC needed a vampire presence. Within the last few years, Boston has one, Los Angeles has had one, and the South is represented, too, although I would not want my vampires in the South. Manhattan was very suiting for my characters, and I couldn't picture them living in another big city. No city is like Manhattan. 

I needed a place that had lots of people always moving around and had a very active nightlife. Somewhere where a vampire club would fit in and go completely unnoticed. The weather is good for a vampire - cold, rainy, snowy, sometimes warm and sunny, not like California. 

Later in the book, Armani will sweep her away to some of the most beautiful places on earth, such as Italy, vacation areas along the Mediterranean, and in the South Pacific. Armani is trying to get her to fall in love with him and what better places to do that than in some of the most romantic areas where Karlea will be wowed by the landscape. I had seen some beautiful images on fb that my sister-in-law had re-posted of exotic places and it completely inspired me to whisk Armani and Karlea away to secluded islands where they could be alone. 

I have another vampire story that is set in small town Vermont and those characters have to be more secluded and watch what they do all the time, so the townspeople don't notice. There are no blood bars and humans are rarely fed upon. I couldn't image my BloodLust characters in a situation like that altogether - a few them had lived separately in small towns for periods of time - but to have all of them live in a small town would have made them all miserable and less of an erotic story. In Manhattan, almost anything goes ;)

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