Sunday, June 16, 2013

WeWriWa o6.16.13

Welcome to your Sunday! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Especially to all the special ones in my life!!!

Last week, Karlea and Armani were going at it hard ;) This week their fight continues. This excerpt picks up after Armani had her by the throat, and Karlea used her strength to kick him off of her...
Karlea hit the floor hard, as Armani flew across the small room. Thankful that she was able to do that,  Karlea caught of few breaths of air before making herself jump to her feet; she didn't have much time before he would recover, and she could feel that the effect of his blood was starting to wear off. She ran at him, leaping into the air, and landing with her hands on his shoulders and her knee on his chest, pushing him back into the wall. It took more effort than before, and Karlea was beginning to feel tired - Armani sensing it. 
"Nice move." Armani said as he grabbed onto her and slammed her into wall, "but I think you're getting exhausted."
Karlea held onto him and used so much of her strength to slam him back into the wall. She had to hurry this up and finish this.

Eventually this fight will have to end, but I think we have a few more weeks of snippets left. I am very tempted to share the rest, but I will probably make you wait. 

Thanks for reading! And please comment, I love reading comments!

To all that commented last week, I still have not read/commented from last week! I will visit your blogs soon!

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Enjoy your week!

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  1. Somehow I doubt she's going to have the energy to win this fight! Terrific snippet.

  2. Awesome way to get to the end of the fight. I want to know what will happen to her once she is out of blood energy.

    1. Maybe we will find out next week...
      Thanks for stopping by.