Sunday, August 25, 2013

WeWriWa o8.25.13

A bit late posting today, but my name was still up on the list so I thought I should still post. I'll make this quick.

Last week, we left off where Karlea woke up in a car, not a vampire yet...

She realized her head lay in Armani's lap, she tried to move, but she just didn't have the strength. She was cold and pulled the blanket tighter around her. He helped straighten the blanket around her before biting his wrist. He shoved it into her mouth.
"Drink." He commanded. Karlea did as she was told, letting his blood warm her and heal her wrist. A few sips was all she needed but Armani kept his wrist in her mouth, holding her so she had to drink. 

Hope you enjoyed this late snippet! 

Have a great week!

Hearts & Stars,


  1. I'm curious as to why he's making her continue to drink..