Sunday, October 20, 2013

WeWriWa 1o.20.13

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! We continue right where we left off last week. The heat level is becoming intense between Karlea and Armani in this snippet. Edited to fit, Karlea is the first to speak.

"I thought you were turning me."
"Soon," Armani replied. He moved very close to her and whispered,"There are others much older than I who's blood isn't nearly as powerful as mine, I have to be careful to whom I give it to. You are more than worthy of it, but I still have to take some precautions before I turn you."
"Like bonding me to you as a human, that way our vampire-sire bond is even stronger. You're afraid you'll turn me and then I'll turn on you and still try to kill you."
"You know too much," Armani responded.
Karlea leaned into him as she looked him in the eyes and smirked, "I also know your blood tastes like cheap wine."

What do you think Armani's response will be? I promise the heat level will only continue to rise from here ;)

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  1. Oh, you tell him girl! Great snippet!

  2. ROFL! I love her reply. Great snippet!

  3. Love that she can come up with such a great reply even in her current situation!

    1. They compliment each other well, which makes for the sexual tension ;)