Sunday, November 24, 2013

WeWriWa 11.24.13

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday, Thanksgiving edition! I'm excited for Thanksgiving, now that I live far from family, this will be my third year staying at home with my little family and cooking! Which is good because I don't think anyone would really accommodate my vegan/no alcohol diet.

I still have to make my dinner list and go shopping for food. Last year, I think I made too many different things. It sucks having to make a vegan and a non-vegan(the rest of the family is not vegan) meal but I'm going to try to simplify it better. And this year our friend will be celebrating with us, so I will have help in the kitchen.

Last week, we left off where Karlea was, now by choice (since she really didn't have one), drinking a large quantity of Armani's blood - which will bond her to him for the rest of the time she remains human and will make their vampire-sire bond even stronger when he does turn her, unless he decides to torture her and keep her human ;)

Armani regained his grip on the back of her head and forced the wound back into her mouth. As she began to drink, Armani loosened his grip once again.
The blood flow was so heavy at first that Karlea did her best to keep up, but she started to choke again. Armani slightly pulled his wrist away to let her catch up.Surprising to Armani, she looked at him when she was okay again, letting him know to put his wrist back into her mouth. He did as he was told and he watched her with adoration as she continued to drink, until Armani had to pull away because he was getting too weak from the blood loss.
"That's enough." He said weakly.

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Two weeks until AFI! 
They announced more tour dates for January, unfortunately none in California. They are playing in Atlanta, my old stomping ground, and I would love to be at that show. The closest to California is Tucson, Arizona. So, I am currently comparing the cost of flying to Atlanta to the cost of renting a car and driving to Tucson. I have to be at one of these shows :) 
I am hoping that one or both of my friends would want to go to the Arizona show, so we can split the cost for things. 

I am still bruised from the Negative Approach show, by the way. That was fun.

I wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Thanksgiving! And a Happy Hanukkah! 

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  1. Hmmm... so she's drinking him dry, is she? I hope he's not letting himself get too weak -- I just don't trust her motives.

    1. You will find out this Sunday...maybe.
      Thanks for stopping by!