Sunday, December 29, 2013

WeWriWa 12.29.13

Welcome to yet another edition, and the last of 2013,  of Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday.
I cannot believe 2014 is three days away! 2013 was the most fabulous, frustrating, inspiring, and possibly one of the best and worst years ever. 

Where we last left off Armani went out hunting and Karlea was left alone back at his penthouse, high on his blood. I am dedicating this snippet to Will, Happy Birthday! :) (yes, you get a shout out on my blog)

Karlea struggled against the ropes that bound her wrists, they were extremely tight and well tied. She relaxed, letting the full concentrated wave of Armani's potent blood pass through her. She couldn't help but moan from the strong euphoric feeling that she felt. She also felt her strength returning, the kind that she had back in Armani's dungeon when she was fighting for her freedom. She pulled on the ropes again, but just as she figured, Armani knew he had to tie the ropes to withstand the blood high. Another wave passed through her, even more intense than the one before. Karlea had to get a grip on herself, she knew by how much she ingested and the potency of his blood,that this blood high was going to last awhile. But as another euphoric wave slammed into her, Karlea's fingers were already slipping off reality.

Oh this is going to be fun, just wait for Armani to return from his hunt. Playtime for Armani :)

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Update on AFI shows:
Still trying to figure out plans for Tucson. Driving would be cheaper, but if I can swing a plane ticket, I may just do that and sleep at the airport. However, the Buffalo show is way more likely AND I get to visit very close friends from back home :) Super excited!

I will (hopefully) be making a year in review post this week, trust me you don't want to miss it, its been a year to say the least. 

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Enjoy your week! And Happy 2014!!! Make it fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,

Sunday, December 22, 2013

WeWriWa 12.22.13

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! I want to wish everyone a very Happy Soltice! Nine days until 2014!!!

I took a few weeks off, but I am back this week in time to give you a soltice gift from Karlea and Armani :)
Where we last left off Armani was very weak from sharing his blood with Karlea, and needed to feed. Karlea tried to get him to feed off of her, but his self control was scary.

Outside Armani began his hunt. Weak and starving, it was easy to just grab a human, any human, and just feed. But Armani, with all of his years, knew better, that was how vampires were seen and caught.
Karlea's taste lingered in his mouth. It always had, since his first taste of her. It was very distracting. All he wanted was to taste her, and drink nothing but her blood, however it was in limited supply and he had to be careful. He would have to settle for another human's blood, no matter how less satisfying it would be.

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Enjoy your week!

Hearts & Stars,

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Welcome to the post-ThanXgiving Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! Happy December! 

Last week, we left off where Armani was getting very weak from the loss of blood. Edited to fit into 8.

Armani looked at her, she was hot with his blood dripping down her mouth and down her chest;
the hunger got to him and his vision of Karlea became a flow of her blood and the sound of her heart loudly ringing in his ears; he needed to feed.
"I need to feed," he said.
"I'm right here," Karlea replied, tempting him.
Armani tightened his grip on her once again and looked at her, his eyes turned from red to black. He opened his mouth, showing his fangs, he brought them to her neck and went to bite down.
"No!' Armani shouted as he let go of her, "I'll kill you if I do."
Armani paused and regained his composure, "Please excuse me, I shall be back very soon."

Was Karlea hoping for death? Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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The AFI Saga
AFI is Friday!!!! I can't believe I'm actually going to see Davey in his hometown! This is going to be stellar ;) I've seen him perform in SF, but Oakland will be very different, it is his home :) I also can't believe that in the span of just a little over a month, I am seeing them for the second time! The second leg of the tour starts in January and I am gong to try to celebrate 2014 with a roadtrip to Tucson, Arizona to see them, since it is the closest they will be to Cali. Yes, I am addicted to seeing them live.

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Have a great week!

Hearts & Stars,