Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Its Sunday! It must be time for Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! Yay!

Where we last left off, Armani is trying to romance Karlea by dancing with her around the living room. And she might just be warming up to him. Last week, they had just finished dancing to a song.

"You should really drink some water, keep your core temperature down," Armani said, grabbing the bottle of water from earlier off the end table.
Karlea looked at the bottle as Armani handed it to her, it was still spiked with his blood, but at this point it didn't seem to matter. Karlea took a sip and realized how thirsty she was, she drank the whole bottle down before she knew it, his blood in it adding to her high.
An orchestral song came on, Armani grabbed onto Karlea and swung her around in a ballroom dance, lifting her up and over furniture as it became in the way. Karlea laughed, enjoying herself.
When the song ended, he stopped and waited for the next; a very upbeat orchestral piece.
"Ah, this song is very old, I'm quite fond of it. Here, follow my lead," He said. Is it working? Is he charming her yet?

Thanks for reading! And please comment, I love reading your comments, it helps me with the story :)

I started doing Camp NaNoWriMo this week for this novel and so far it is keeping me writing everyday. Since I started writing this story, I would be lucky to write a paragraph a week, Camp has made me find the time to write everyday, so for this week I have been writing a few paragraphs a day :) I won't have this whole novel written by the time the month is over, but at least I am making better progress. I know most of you readers who are writers on WeWriWa probably write way more than that per day, but my life is totally crazy and its hard to find time, although all I want to do is write this story. If you have the time, please share your writing schedule with me, so I can see how you balance work, college, family, etc. with your writing time. And thanks in advance!

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Enjoy your week!

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  1. I'm using Camp to work on a WiP too. My job sucks the life out of me and my pet rats keep me pretty busy (they want to come out and use me for a jungle gym and it's really hard to write with rats on your wrists... and shoulders... and boobs...

    But anyhow, I try to do at least a thousand words on work days (I worked a double on Saturday and barely got 300 in), and then try to make up for it on my days off.

    In non-NaNo months I still try to write daily, using

    Write or Die is good if you want to word sprint with yourself.

    Snippet wise, I think Karlea is getting addicted to his blood.

    1. Really cool, PT, thank you! And thank for always reading my posts and responding. Every week I try to get to other authors' work, especially the ones that read mine, but I'm lucky I even get my post done every week. So, a big thank you to you!
      I will check out those sites. I was able to write another 3 pages today and it feels amazing, I'm really getting into the story :)
      And yeah, I think his blood has taken its hold on her.

  2. Thirsty huh? I'd say she warming up to him. Enjoyed the snippet. Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo.