Sunday, December 21, 2014

WeWriWa 12.21.14

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I am so looking forward to this week! I love the holidays!

So for your holiday snippet, I really edited this to make it all fit. And I posted a new pic.
It picks up right where Armani left off last week. Enjoy!

"It would be better if you could break the skin," Armani added.
"Okay," Karlea said, the excitement rising in her; what was he going to share? She

hoped he had change his mind and was going to turn her, but the fact that she had to bite him as hard as she could and break skin, didn't make sense with how a human was turned. Maybe he needed her to bite him to fuel the turning; maybe turning him on, gave him the strength in his blood to turn her.
"Not yet," Armani smirked, reading her thoughts.

Armani stopped caressing her palm to lock his fingers with hers. He continued the rhythm until the moment seemed right; biting down on her neck, letting the warm blood fill his mouth and his throat as gently he sucked, trying to make it feel good for her. It was hard for her not to lose herself in the moment, especially with her body being on the brink of climaxing again, his gentle sucking pushing her to the edge; she wanted to forget everything and just feel, but she arched her body and went for Armani’s neck, using the strength from the vampire blood within her to bite down as hard as she could.

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Enjoy your week! And 2014 is almost over, do something fabulous!

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  1. You tease! I so want to know what's with having her bite him...

    1. Hehehe...sorry :(
      I'm thinking about making Christmas blog post that includes more, non-WeWriWa/SS related, as a gift to my readers. hmmmm.....

  2. I wonder what he is waiting for, she doesn't seem to hate him as much as she used to.

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, it is amazing what a blood bond can do ;)

  3. Yeah, you do leave us with more questions, but that's part of the reason we keep reading!