Sunday, March 22, 2015

WeWriWa o3.22.15

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! Happy Ostara! Or Vernal Equinox! I am a very bad pagan and did not celebrate. I need to get on this. 

We are going to pick up right where we left off last week. The first line refers to the mind control he placed on her not to leave the room, that was mentioned weeks ago. Edited to fit...

Armani looked Karlea in the eyes and released her from the mind control he had placed on her earlier. He led her through his penthouse; he walked her out of the smaller living room and into the larger, nicer living room. Armani led her up a flight of nice carpeted stairs that led into a hallway that went all the way around the perimeter of the penthouse, all nicely decorated. Another small hallway led off the perimeter hallway. There was a spiral staircase that led up to a loft. The five doors in the hallway were all shut, leaving Karlea to wonder where they led.
“A guest room, a library, an office, a bathroom, and my special room,” Armani replied, reading her mind. "By special room, do you mean the room you kill unsuspecting victims in?" Karlea questioned, smirking. 

I wish I could post more than 8. This is just mostly much needed description, although her question makes me laugh. The best is soon to come ;)
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Okay so the singer of my favorite band, pretty much the whole mastermind of the band, and also my favorite vampire of all, supposedly made this quote:
"There was a time when I went out searching for girls with whom to share my blood. I found many who liked it. That was a very dangerous thing to do, but also very erotic; to have a girl in my bed and to cover her body with my blood doing the 'big thing', well...."
I'm dying here. How do I get this guy? My hot, sexy vampire. Armani is partly based on him. Damn. I need this guy in my life. 

In other news, my art space is awesome. Getting work done, slowly. Mostly in planning stages. I take a bi-weekly yoga class there, participate in a Failure Club every week, which is a group where we have whatever thing we want to tackle and we support each other through it. My thing is to earn an income online. It was a lot of sorting out, but I finally have a path to get working on, in this direction. I am also doing a bi-weekly financial planning class there. I'm realizing all these things I never considered before that I need (a yearly budget, life insurance, power of attorney, etc), all setting a path in this direction. I have also set a goal to own my own home in either Oakland/Berkeley/L.A. in the next 2 to 3 years. I'm sick of renting. And I will live in the Berkeley Hills or the Hollywood Hills one day! I will. So, I have mapped out a plan to get to ownership, and all the prep starts now! I love this art space, it feels like its making my life get all in order :)

Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,


  1. I like how she somehow has no control over anything and still manages to have some humor left. I'm not sure I could do that.

    1. Yeah, Karlea has a fire in her. She will be a smart ass, especially with Armani, until the end.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Feisty! Hope that doesn't get her hurt...

  3. Best wishes with all your efforts! You have a lot going on and the determination shines through. Interesting description of Armani's dwelling today (the word nice is in there 3 times though LOL and I don't think of Armani as 'nice'). I could visualize the space!

  4. I know how you feel about the 8. I too often bust it out to 10-12... Description is indeed necessary and this is very well done.

  5. The special room...hmm... I do hope Karlea is wrong on her assumption. lol Like her snarky attitude. :)

  6. Sounds like a "nice" place. I love her sass.