Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Tasters o4.16.15

Welcome to Thursday Tasters!

This week continues right where we left off last week in some serial killer story I started.

I had a secret place I kept the photographs and video tapes. I had a small darkroom in one of the rooms of the basement. I enjoyed traditional photography; fine art, nature, and landscape photography. I occasionally showed my work in galleries, but my favorite portraits were work that would see the light of day. I could probably pull it off as a model dressed up for the scenes as Thomas Coltraine often does. Or John Hasselburger. But that would be risky, too risky. But it did work out that I had my own darkroom to print these images. Digital was another stupid way to go and I will not touch it for my "work", too much to trace.
I got up off the floor and went into the bathroom, preparing the bath for her. I watched the bathtub fill until it was at the desired height. I carried her in and dropped her into the bathtub. She sank down a few inches to the bottom. I went back into the main room of the basement and collected the knife I had used to end her life. I threw it in the bath with her to remove all evidence.
I would let her soak for awhile, a long while. I would start the long process of cleaning up my mess that would take most of the night.

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  1. Chilling and exciting taster in one. Love it

  2. Deliciously dark. I am sure you'll leave me tingling with creepies again! -Angelica Dawson

  3. He seems to be so calculating and precise, it's scary.

    1. We shall find out more about him next week ;)
      Thanks for reading!

  4. It took me a while to find you, but holy smokes! Very chilling all the way through, through the mind of a killer. This is very interesting.