Friday, April 10, 2015

Vampire Friday - Let's Start Over...

Welcome to Vampire Friday! This is my favorite day of the week! Anything with vampires, totally vampire obsessed.

So, I've posted once before and for my second post, I'm going to post another version of the opening to my WIP novel, BloodLust. I left writing this book because I wrote as scene that led into me writing the second book. But at some point, I need to finish this book, too. And actually have had a few scenes pop into my head. So, here we go...the beginning all over again. 

Night takes over the city, as Jake Masterson awakens. He squints at his heavily draped windows, where no light passes through. He leans over to verify with his clock that it is really night, and not the heavy drapery playing a trick on him. He sits up on his gothic wrought iron bed, and reaches for his shirt and jeans off of the dark red carpet. He quickly puts them on, and then walks over to the balcony doors that are hidden behind the heavy drapery. He pulls them back revealing glass doors. Jake walks out on his balcony overlooking Midtown Manhattan. He takes in the sight, the sounds, and the smells of the night.
Jake walks across his apartment to the kitchen, opening drapes along the way. His apartment is patterned in the same fashion as his bedroom: dark red carpet and gothic wrought iron furniture. Artwork, photographs, and sculptures adorn the walls, his apartment could be an art gallery. 
Jake goes to his refrigerator, he rearranges some containers of food, and some fruits and vegetables from the front, so he can reach the back. He pulls out a nice crystal bottle that looks like it contains red wine. He gets a wine glass and pours himself a drink. After warming it up in the microwave, he gently swirls the liquid and takes a sip, making a disgusted face - he still has trouble choking it down after all these years. It is so un-satisfying he wonders how he has managed to keep ahold of himself, especially in Manhattan.
He makes his way to his office, opening a window by his desk before settling in at his computer, the city sounds always help him write. He punches in a password, taking his computer off standby. He chokes down more liquid as he stares at the half written article on his screen. He begins typing away, getting lost in his concert review until his phone buzzes and snaps his concentration. He begrudgingly picks it up and stares at the message from his friend, Vaughn. Written in all caps, it reads, "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU INDULGED YOURSELF? DON'T YOU GET SICK OF YOUR VEGAN DIET?" Jake stares at his drink. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out, setting his phone down. He attempts to take a sip of his drink, but just cannot do it. Vaughn always knows precisely when to strike and where, even though they aren't even in the vicinity of each other. He goes back to working on his article, when his phone buzzes again. "This is how it is done..." it reads with a video attachment. Jake can't help, but to press play...
Vaughn sits in a dark corner of a nightclub with a pretty young woman. Vaughn hands his cell phone over to a male hand who continues to record the moment. Vaughn laughs and the woman smiles. Vaughn kisses the woman and quickly pulls away, revealing his vampire fangs before he sinks them into her throat. Vaughn drinks and then pulls away laughing, his eyes glowing red. The video stops. Jake throws down his phone and rubs his forehead. He forces himself to drink more, choking on it harder than he did before, but he gets it down. He tries to focus back on his article, but his concentration is all thrown off; the images in the video burning in his mind. His phone buzzes repeatedly. Jake hesitates but picks it up. Vaughn's next message reads, "Lots of pretty ladies out tonight at Virtu." Photos begin popping up on his screen. Jake scrolls through them quickly when one catches his eye. He swipes the photo back on screen and stares at it; a young woman decked out in a beautiful victorian black dress being handed a drink by a female bartender. Jake smiles. He pockets his phone and grabs his wine glass. He makes his way to the kitchen and dumps the already cold blood into the sink. Stopping here. You can read more amazing vampire authors here. Thanks for stopping by! Hearts & Stars, ~Siren X