Friday, May 15, 2015

Vampire Friday o5.15.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week! My feet are firmly planted in Oakland, for this week anyway.

This week's excerpt continues where we left off last week. What trouble will Karlea be in?

Vaughn and Jake's dates returned from the bathrooms each clinging to arm of their date. Karlea watched a bit disappointed.
“What can I get your girl?” She asked Jake.
“Oh, she’s not my gir---” Jake started to reply before Vaughn interrupted.
“She is tonight.” Vaughn smiled.
“Okay.” Karlea said, “What can I get you girls?”
“A rum and coke, please.” Jenna said.
“And a screwdriver, please.” Said Cindy.
Karlea made the drinks quickly and handed them over.
“You can put everything on my tab.” Vaughn said.
Karlea smiled, “On the house.”
“Thanks.” Jake said, putting a tip on the bar for her.
“Not a problem.” She smiled at Jake, not wanting to take her eyes off of him.
“Yes, thank you.” Vaughn said taking her hand and kissing it once again. He slipped a tip into her hand as he did and then walked away. The open space quickly filling up with customers. Karlea snapped out of her trance and took the tip Jake left. 

The four of them sat in the darkest corner of the club, their almost empty drinks were on the table in front of them. Vaughn was seated with Cindy on top of him. His arms were wrapped around her as he was already drinking from her. Jake was sitting next to Jenna, awkwardly kissing her neck, but watching Karlea at the bar at the same time. He watched as Karlea made drinks and even did a few shots with the club goers. He finally pulled his eyes away from Karlea, so he could focus on his date; he was feeling hungry after all and needed to get something. His eyes glowed red. He went to bite Jenna but then hesitated. Was he really ready for the consequences this would bring? He quickly bit Jenna’s neck, his hand over her mouth to muffle the cry that would escape her lips. The first taste was more euphoric than usual and Jake lost himself in it. It tasted good, but Jake did notice the bitter taste to her blood. He could only imagine how sweet Karlea's must taste. He drank for a little bit, but then his eye caught Karlea, and his attention was turned back to her. Thanks for reading, please comment, I love reading your comments!
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  1. Oups, where did he self control go? That's funny and dangerous at the same time. He also seems pretty obsessed with Karlea, poor Jenna.

    1. Its gone, just like that. Things will sure get interesting then.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I like his reluctance. Very well written.