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Vampire Friday o5.22.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

This week we continue where we left off last week...where Jake was to distracted by Karlea to finish his date...

Vaughn pulled away from his date and noticed how distracted Jake was with Karlea. He pushed Cindy off of him and tugged at Jake’s arm.
“We’re going to get more drinks. You ladies stay right here and we’ll finish what we started.” Vaughn smirked.
“Take a walk with me.” Vaughn said to Jake in his mind.
Jake followed Vaughn to a brighter area near the side of the bar. Even with all the people, they had a good view of Karlea as she worked. "I don't want to be finishing your date, tonight." Vaughn said. "As if you'd complain." Jake said sarcastically. "Well, no." Vaughn smiled. "I'm proud of you, three years of sobriety, you gave it up. I want to see you finish it." "I don't want to kill her." "Well, that's good. They're on loan anyway, we can't kill them. But draining them to the point of unconsciousness, so they aren't anymore annoying works." Vaughn looked at Karlea as she worked. She happened to look in their direction and smiled at them before returning back to the drink she was making. "Now that," Vaughn continued, "I really want to see you finish." "No! I definitely don't want to do that." "Then what do you want with her?" Vaughn asked. "I don't...I don't know." Jake said as he stared at her. "She is distracting you so." Vaughn smiled. "You don't have to kill her, unless you lose it." "Thats what I'm afraid of." Jake replied. "You have been sober for three years, so its more than likely." Jake looked at Vaughn who was still watching Karlea. "Turn her." Vaughn said. "What?! No!" "Then I'll turn her. She'll need someone to cling to then, which we'll make you." "No, Vaughn. No one is turning anyone. Not tonight." "Well, then go make something happen with her tonight. And make it quick, our dates are still waiting for us." Vaughn disappeared, leaving Jake standing there watching Karlea. He watches as Karlea tells a biker looking club goer that he can’t have another drink. Jake listens and overhears that it is because his credit card has been denied for his tab and he needs to pay up. The biker guy throws his drink at Karlea. The glass hitting the bar, but the beer landing all over the front of Karlea’s shirt. Jake is about to lunge over to the bar in her defense, but Karlea swiftly leaps over the bar and punches the biker in the face, while doing so. She snaps her fingers at security and point to him. Security rushes over escorting the biker out. Karlea returns to her post behind the bar, leaping over it again. She grabs a towel and immediately tries wiping her shirt of the beer. Jake walks up to the bar. "Are you okay?" He asks. Karlea smiles, "Yeah. That actually happens a lot here. I hate smelling like beer though. Thanks for asking." Jake smiles and nods as she gets frustrated and throws the towel down. "Now everyone can see through my tank top. Fabulous. You would think by now, I would remember to bring a change of clothes." She laughed. Jake laughed too as he noticed the outline of her perfectly shaped breasts accentuated by the wetness of her tank top. Damn, he thought. He really wanted her. He wanted her screaming in pleasure underneath him before he drank from her, possibly ending it all. Sorry, but I am going to end that here. Tune in next week if you want more ;)
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  1. Hum, Jake seems friendly enough, he could give her his shirt.... before taking it of.