Sunday, May 24, 2015

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This weekend my feet are firmly planted in Los Angeles. Yayyy!!
Writing this from my new tablet - you know because I need a new piece of technology on top of everything elsee I have. Walk into the AT&T store to add a simple phone line and walk out with a "free" tablet - you just have to pay $25 in tax and $10 a month. We'll see if this makes my traveling posts easier.
Armani's head was swirling, he was so caught by his innate need to fuck, feed, and kill. He wanted this, he wanted her, he wanted her like this. He wanted to drink from her until she was drained of all of her sweet blood, taking her last ounce of life right as she rode the waves of ecstacy; feeling her heart still in his arms and her last breath escape. He would rip her beautiful body apart, rip her heart out, feast on it; the killer in him wanting to see pieces of her around the room.
But he was in love with her, he wanted her there always as human or as vampire, it didn't matter. He wanted to drink from her in a passionately romantic way, sharing something so vital to her life, and his. He didn't want to spend this beautiful moment trying to fight losing control, he just wanted to live in the moment, but doing so would mean she would die. Armani started to notice a strange feeling creep up inside of him, something he had long lost, something he hadn't felt since he was human over 600 years ago; he felt this humanity eat up the killer creature inside of him.

Wait....did that just happen?! Did she just bring out his humanity?! Love can do some weird things to vampires and humans. 

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  1. I love how conflicted he is, and I thought you captured the intensity of his vampire desires very well!

    1. Aww thank you. I actually wrote this scene in yesterday on my bus ride to Los Angeles.

  2. I love the violence in his passion for her. The conflict and the sense that she's in danger...

    Powerful scene

    1. Violence and passion. Perfect.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  3. Wow, this was intense, it's getting better and better!

    1. Thanks Linda! That makes me happy to know. :)