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WeWriWa o6.28.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! I hope you are having a relaxing, warm, summer Sunday! I love summer, although it could be a bit warmer in Oakland. I love when its overcast and warm, and about to rain. I love summer rain. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen here. We really need rain! Los Angeles was so perfect last weekend.

Okay, onward...this hot snippet continues on from last week's hot snippet...

Armani used his vampire speed to appear on top of her, quickly grabbing her wrists and pinning them down above her head, making her jump in surprise. She squirmed as water fell off of his hair onto her. Armani held both of her wrists with one hand as he pushed his wet hair out of his face with the other. He went back to holding her wrists with both of his hands as he leaned down and kissed her. He pulled away from her lips and slowly made his way down her neck, kissing her skin. He caressed an area of her neck with his tongue before biting down, making her moan. He pulled away and continued down her chest, kissing her skin again. His kissed the side of her breast before sinking his teeth back into her. 

Unfortunately that is 8 :(

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Vampire Friday o6.26.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

This week's continues right where we left off last week.

Jake watched Karlea as she worked the bar, almost like an animal watching its prey. He noticed her leave the bar and head down the stairs that were located behind the back wall of the bar that led to the bathrooms. Jake smiled deviously at Vaughn.
"Go get her, tiger." Vaughn laughed.
Jake took off towards the stairs, tuning into her scent, which he used to find which direction she went after she went down the stairs. She had gone down the hallway opposite the bathrooms. The hallway was littered with extra furniture and club backstock, at the very end was a door that opened to a room of alcohol backstock.

Karlea went through the backstock, emptying out a box to use to put all the alcohol she needed to restock in it. The lightbulb in the hanging socket started to flicker as Karlea looked up it. She tried to reach it to screw it in tighter, but she was just an inch too short. Karlea sighed and returned to searching for the alcohol she needed. She heard footsteps behind her near the door.
"The bathrooms are down the other hall." She called out as she put the bottles she was holding in the box.
She looked over her shoulder and saw Jake. She turned around.
"Oh, hey." She said.
"Sorry I went the wrong way." Jake said, staring at her with no intent of turning around and heading the other way.
"It happens." Karlea smiled.
"See, I told you I would get your shirt dirty." She quickly said, not wanting Jake to leave. She pointed the wet spot on the shirt and laughed. The light flickered and went out, leaving only the shadow of Jake in the doorway, the light from the hallway behind him.
"Damn it." Karlea said as she stretched for the lightbulb.
Jake used his vampire speed to appear in front of her. He put his hands on her hips, and felt her jump. He could feel his eyes had turned red and dangerous, and his blood was burning in him. He could drain her and leave her body on top of the boxes of alcohol; no one would ever know it was him, since the club opened up to Flesh patrons, there was a number of vampires that could have done it. He knew the owner of Virtu, Matt, was a vampire, but he didn't think that Matt let his employees know what he was. Karlea probably had no clue that vampires existed.
"I suppose I should take it off of you then." Jake said as he pulled her into him. She didn't resist and instead of going for her neck, Jake planted his lips on hers, each of them feeling the spark. They kissed long and hard, Karlea wrapping her arms around him. Jake's fingers got tangled in her hair. He pushed her back into the boxes, his knee caught in between her legs as he pushed into her.

The light flickered back on and Jake was relieved that he could feel his eyes had returned to normal before she could see them. Jake pulled away from her lips and pulled her up with him, so she was standing back on her feet. They smiled at each other.
"That was ummm..." Karlea blushed, trying to find words.
"Yeah." Jake replied, smiling. "I should probably go use the bathroom."
"I should probably get this box upstairs." Karlea said.
"I'll see you up there then."
Jake turned around and used a normal human speed to walk away towards the bathrooms.
Vaughn watched curiously as he saw Karlea walk up the stairs carrying the box of alcohol.
He went by the stairs just as Jake was walking up them.
"Hopeless." He said to Jake.

I totally rewrote this scene and cut out a ton that the original had, oh and they never kissed in the original. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

You can read other great vampire authors - Linda Hamonou

Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Taster o6.25.15

Welcome to Thursday Tasters!

This week we will continue on with the serial killer story I am writing. This excerpt continues right where we left off...

She took a breath and turned around to walk back with me to the ER. I took a quick peek at her name badge pinned to the pocket of her uniform shirt, A. Hurley.
"Not that way. We'll go through a different way, so you don't have to run into ex -partners again. I think you have had enough for one day." I said.
I motioned for her to follow me.
She laughed slightly as we walked, "He's actually my superior."
I led her to a locked door, swiping my hospital badge to unlock it. The back way through the ER.
"Well, you won't have to see him again." I smiled.
After we walked through the door, I turned to face her. "That patient survived because of you."
"You don't understand," she said, "I'm the reason he went into cardiac arrest."
She paused, trying to figure out if she should tell me more. She probably realized it would be best to explain because she continued on.
"We arrived to help him, a neighbor had called it in. I went near him not warned that he had a knife on him. He did this." She lifted up her arm. "Instead of backing off, I disarmed him. Because waiting for NYPD to show, well, you know how long that will take...and then he went into cardiac."
"You did the right thing." I reassured her. "The amount of drugs and alcohol in his system, he was bound for cardiac anyway."
She didn't look to sure.
"Hey, it doesn't matter, all that matters is you saved his life. In the end thats all its about."
She shook her head. We continued onward as I looked for a room we could use; doctors and nurses looking at us as we passed, obviously having come through the staff only back door. They must have been wondering what I was doing. I'm sure the gossip would go around the hospital like fire.
"Here, we can go in here." I said as I motioned for her to go in first. I followed behind her and shut the door.
"Have a seat." I said, motioning to the table. She sat and watched as I went to sit across from her, checking out my hospital badge. 
"I've been to this hospital a lot, Dr. Emerson, I've never seen you in the ER before."
"I'm helping out today. We were short staffed. Normally I'm upstairs."
"What department?"
"I'm a heart surgeon." I smiled.
"I enjoy the emergencies of the ER." I admitted.
"Me too." She said with a smile.
"So, what's next for you?" I questioned.
"I don't know." She said, sadly.
"Med school."
"Med school? I don't know about that. I kinda liked being on the frontlines."
"This ER is always looking for doctors."
She laughed.
"Let me see." I said motioning for her arm. 
She lifted her arm towards me, without thinking I slipped my left hand into hers for support, but I held it too tight, squeezing her hand as if we were lovers walking along the beach. She got nervous and pulled away.
"Sorry." I apologized.
"Its okay." She said, realizing she probably shouldn't have freaked out. She really had a trust issue.
She gave me her arm back and I slipped my hand around hers being more aware to grab it loosely.
I started to unwind the quickly done bandage around her arm. I could tell it was going to be bad.
"You're going to need stitches." I said, "It might be best if you take of your uniform shirt before I unwrap this completely." 
Even though her uniform shirt was short sleeve, the sleeve was going to get annoying. Plus, maybe I just wanted to see her without it on. She unbuttoned it and pulled it off almost seductively.
More of her tattoos showed and I was quite surprised at how many she had. I could only imagine how many more there were that I couldn't see. She handed me back her arm and I resumed holding her hand and unwrapping it.
"Do you always help female EMT's that are in trouble, Dr. Emerson."
"Stuart." I said. "And no, i usually don't have EMT's that need help falling into my lap. You would be the first, Miss Hurley."
"Amber." She said. "And thanks for your help."
"You're welcome." I said, my Irish accent accidentally coming out thick.
She smiled. "I hear that you are Irish. How long have you been in New York?"
I pulled the rest of her bandage off, it was stuck the wound. She didn't flinch as I pulled it off. 
"Sorry." I said.
"No worries."
"I've been here a while. Since my college days. Med school at Columbia." I said as I looked over her wound, "I'm originally from outside Dublin."
I smiled, "I grew up on a farm. I see from your last name that you have some heritage as well."
"Yeah, both my parents are Irish. My great, great grandparents immigrated here or something like that."
"Have you ever been?"
"Unfortunately no."
"Well, thats too bad. You should really go sometime, its beautiful."
"Perhaps. Maybe that will be next."
"I would still be there, if Columbia hadn't of recruited me and now this hospital and other things. One day I'll go back when the time is right."
I looked at her and realized, not only was I giving away too much, but I was also flirting with her, which is not something I do. I wondered how her scream was going to sound. I looked away quickly and back at her wound.
"You definitely need a good bunch of stitches."
She didn't need that many, but I wasn't going to make this easy for her. I was already aching to see her pain tolerance.
Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments! I need to catch up on commenting too!

You can read more great authors here.
Have a great week! It's still 2015, make sure you're doing something fabulous!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mid Week Tease - Take One

So this is my first Mid Week Tease. And for whatever reason my post didn't post. So here I am on my tablet at my kid's school trying to repost. Lol. Sigh.

This excerpt comes from a new pirate story that I started last week. The idea has been brewing in my head for months and I finally had to start writing it. I will post a blurb about it at a later time because I still have to write said blurb :) 

Jack Raven put his hands on Caera Flynn's bare hips, helping to push her down on him slowly. He watched as a smile crept across her still youthful face - life as a free woman on the sea keeping her young. She moaned loudly and Jack couldn't help moaning too. She always felt so good, better than any of the whores he could pay for on Tortuga Island. And way more beautiful too; her tattooed body making her all that more beautiful to him. 
Best of all, her love was free and natural. Something he had always had from her since they were young. Their lovemaking was a common occurence on the ship, when they could steal away hours that should be used for sleeping, when they weren't busy figuring out courses, fighting enemies, battling nature's raging storms, finding treasure - all typical pirate stuff. 
He still held onto her hips as she moved, digging his nails in as she dragged hers across his chest. 
His nails digging in made her move faster and harder. The sounds she made, sounding less pirate and more woman enjoying the pleasures of life. Jack sat up slightly without breaking the rhythm to suck on her nipple. He sat up more to kiss her. Afterwards, he lifted her up and threw her down onto the bed, she gave him her usual devilish grin, parting her legs for him. He re-entered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in. She smiled deviously again, cueing Jack in to the fact that she was going to be up to something. Jack thrusted harder to make her lose her concentration. She moaned louder each time. It only broke her concentration for so long before she used all her strength to knock Jack over, so she was back on top without missing a beat. She might  be a petite woman, but she sure did have strength and she knew how to use it. Jack continued thrusting, holding onto her hips as she was sitting up. They both moaned loudly. Sounds from outside the captain's cabin became louder. Caera stopped.
"What is that?" She asked annoyed as she flopped over onto the bed on her back next to Jack.
Jack turned to his side to face her, lifting his head up. He took her hand and kissed it.
"Mutiny, Captain."
Caera sighed then reached for something off of the floor.
"Why Mr. Raven, if i didn't know already that it is Buckley, and if I didn't know you any better, I would think you would have something to do with this." She put the sword lengthwise at Jack's throat, "Keeping your Captain distracted with sex."
Jack put his hands up and smiled, "I had everything to do with it."
They heard Buckley shout that they were taking over the ship.
"That's the third time this week." Caera said annoyed as she sat up. Jack watched as she put her white shirt back on, covering up her back tattoos that all consisted of maps. Jack finally sat up and started putting on his clothes quickly; Caera throwing her pants on and then her boots. She picked up her effects and quickly buckled them back around her.  

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments! What do you think will happen next? Where do you think this story will go? Was anyone surprised that she was the Captain and not Jack?

Until then, please check out more fabulous writers below

Have a great week! its 2015, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,
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WeWriWa o6.21.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! I am once again in Los Angeles using this weekend to be as creative as I can be. Its been a very productive writing week for me and I would love to keep that going!

Of course this continues on from last week:

As she put her hand on the back of his head, wanting him to keep going, Armani knew he had to stop before he took too much. He sucked a little bit more but then it was like a blockade stopped him. He pulled away easier than he ever had. With her hand on the back of his head still, she gently kissed his lips and then rested her head against his. Armani reached over and shut the water off. He shifted Karlea lifting her up a bit and then put his hands back on her ass, digging his nails in again. He grinned at her and she laughed as Armani carried her out of the shower and into his loft bedroom, water dripping off both of their bodies and onto the floor. Armani lifted her off of him and threw her onto his bed.

I think things are about to get out of control with these two. 

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments, it helps so much with my story!

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Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Vampire Friday o6.19.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday!!!

This week I am continuing on with BloodLust. I first novel I started to write prior to BloodLust: Armani. I still feel the need to re-outline this story. Its less erotica and more romance. I feel it needs to be more erotic but on a level lower than Armani, because lets face it Armani & Karlea are on fire :)

Vaughn used his vampire speed and caught up to Jake as he walked away from the bar.
"I got a drink." Jake joked as he held up his drink.
"You're hopeless." Vaughn said.
"I know." Jake smiled as Vaughn took the drink and took a sip.
"Its good." He mouthed and then handed it back, "strong."
"Its good though, it will help calm the craving." Jake said, downing the drink.

"I just want to watch you rip her apart." Vaughn admitted.
"I wouldn't mind ripping someone apart, but not her. There's something about her. I want her."
"Yeah, she's mega hot." Vaughn interrupted.
"No, its more than that. Her energy is contagious." Jake said memorized.

"Then after you have her, you rip her apart?" Vaughn said hopeful.
"Perhaps. If I slip." Jake paused and rubbed his forehead, "What am I doing?"

"You could always rip her apart, then have her."
Jake just stared at Vaughn with a what the fuck look on his face.
"I mean we are part dead after all. We died, re-animated bodies by blood."
"Really?" Jake questioned with a sarcastic tone.

Vaughn laughed, "Come on, Jake, admit it, you've missed me."
Jake shook his head and then smiled, "Yeah, I've missed you."
Vaughn threw his arm around Jake and they walked back towards their dates. As soon as they stood in front of their dates, their dates inquired to where their drinks were since Vaughn said they were getting drinks earlier.

Vaughn turned to Jake, "I think its time to end this before the annoyance becomes any greater."
Jake glanced over at Karlea, using his want for her to fuel his want for blood, so he could finish Jenna. He used his vampire speed to appear before Jenna, sinking his fangs into her throat as he heard Vaughn do the same to Cindy. Vaughn finished first, leaving Cindy's unconscious body slumped over on the bench.
The sight of Jake feeding after so long of not drinking live human blood reminded Vaughn of when he first turned Jake, around 600 years ago. The first frenzy feed when you feed from a human for the first time in your new vampiric life with no sense of control, jolting and shaking while you feed. 

Vaughn gently put his hand on Jake's shoulder. "You need to stop. You can't kill her or it was cost me a fortune."
Jake pulled away. Vaughn knew it was harder than it looked. Jenna's body slumped over. Jake fell to the floor, laughing, drunk on the blood. Vaughn watched as he just layed out on the floor, lost in the euphoria. Vaughn looked around to make sure no one saw, not that it really mattered anyway, so many humans were drunk or high on drugs in this club, no one would probably notice unless they tripped over Jake and even then they probably would just think Jake is fucked up on drugs. The smell of humans drunk and fucked up on club drugs was obnoxious.
Vaughn smirked, "Just imagine, Jake, what She will taste like."

With vampire speed, Jake got to his feet, brushed his coat off, and glanced in Karlea's direction.

This is where I stop for today. What will happen next? Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments on what's working and what isn't. I will catch up on commenting soon, I have been posting comments but they don't seem to show up.

Enjoy more authors here.

Have a great week! As always, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tasters o6.18.15

Welcome to Thursday Tasters!

I am going to continue where I left off the last time.

I smiled back as she stopped running with the gurney. I noticed the bandage on her arm that she was bleeding through as she pushed her hair out of her face. For whatever reason, part of me was compelled to know more about her. And part of me was compelled to see her half naked hanging on a hook in my basement. Challenging week already. 
I tried to keep an eye on her as we worked on the patient in the ER. She was just in my line of view, it looked as though she was being chewed out by her partner. I worked my magic quickly, using the defibrillator to jolt his heart and get it started again. I watched the monitor for a bit to make sure he was stable, in between glancing over to make sure she was still in her spot. I handed the duties over to one of the newer resident doctors who was observing; ordering a toxicology test to determine what drugs the patient was on and what we needed to clear them, and making sure the patient stayed stable while that was all being done. After the patient was cleared of the ER, mental health services would come in and determine what was best for him.
I quickly walked back out to the nurses station, just in time to catch her partner saying that she wasn't ready to be back on the job, that he was going to recommend more time off for counseling.
"I don't need more counseling. I need my job, my life back." She said angrily.
"I'm sorry, you're just not ready." Her partner said, "You're off duty."
She ripped her badge off and slammed it down on the nurses station, "I quit."
The clipboard she was holding in her other hand, she held out for her partner.
"You can finish the paperwork." He said.
"I quit, you can finish it." She said with attitude as she shoved the clipboard into her partner and let go. It almost fell, but he caught it.
She turned and walked through the door to go to the lobby.
"She did a really great job today." I said as I ran by. I caught up with her, just as she was about to walk out of the hospital exit.
"You can't leave yet." I said, my Irish accent coming out thick to get her attention.
She turned to face me. "I'm not on duty. i already told you everything you needed to know about the patient--"
"Your arm, its bleeding through."
I touched her arm to show her, "Your arm. Its bleeding through your bandages. I can't let you go until I take a look at it."
She pulled her arm away, "It will be fine."
"No, it won't. Will you let me help you?"I asked, giving her a charming smile.
She stared at me for a second. She obviously didn't trust me, but in this moment, I don't think she trusted anyone. She had a story behind her and i was really curious to know what it was.
She shook her head and agreed, "Okay." She said quietly.

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments! I need to catch up on commenting too!

You can read more great authors here.

Have a great week! It's still 2015, make sure You're doing something fabulous!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

WeWriWa o6.14.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! 

We will continue on with the sexy shower scene between Armani & Karlea...
As her blood flowed into his mouth, it felt different - it was not about getting the sustenance his undead self needed, ultimately draining his victim of her life and ending it - it was about sharing something so intimate that humans could never experience together. Without letting go, Armani used his sharp nails to cut open his skin on his shoulder at the base of his neck. Feeling his blood drip down, he guided Karlea's mouth to the wound, placing his hand on the back of her head. He felt her tongue lick up the blood before her mouth latched on to the wound. It wasn't about her physical and chemical need for his blood - he was sharing his blood for the intimacy, and he could sense that she felt it; the way she sucked and drank the blood was slower and more seductive. As a vampire, this was one of the most intimate things he could do with her, besides turning her, both equivalent to humans sharing their blood and DNA to create a child. Being the type of vampire Armani was, there was one more thing he could share with her, but that would have to come a bit later when she was riding the waves of her orgasm. First he had to get her there.

Whoa, Armani just shocked me, who knew he had any of this in him? They are fucking intense!

I don't write this, he does. I don't plan this, I just let him write and this is what comes out. ;)

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Vampire Friday o6.o5.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

So for this week, I re-wrote this cute scene between Jake and Karlea, using Linda's idea from the last time I posted. Thanks Linda!!!! I also have to seriously thank her for helping to pull me out of a creative block that I was having last week. Thank you!
I feel so fortunate to have these online connections with people and writers, that yeah I don't know you in real physical life, but its such a community and support online. Not everyone has this or recognizes it. I appreciate all of you!

Jake forced the dirty thoughts from his mind.
"Jake, right?" She said, smiling
"Yes." He replied, he thought it was so sexy the way she had said his name. He began unbuttoning his shirt, reveling the plain black t-shirt underneath.
"Here." Jake said, handing her his shirt.
Karlea laughed, "I can't take that from you, but thanks."
"I insist. It will give me a reason to see you again."
Karlea smiled again, "You can find me here like always. if I'm not working, I'm dancing."
"Yeah, well, I'd rather see you outside of this place. Something tells me that even when you're not working, this is still your place of employment."

"Yeah." She agreed as she crumpled up a napkin and aimed it for the trash can, landing it in. She took the shirt from her other hand and put it on, "Thank you."
Jake watched as she buttoned it almost all the way up.
"I'm going to get this so dirty." She said, half seductively and half truthfully.
Jake laughed and then said, "I suppose my response to that should be, it will give me a reason to take it off of you."
She laughed, "Coming from anyone else, that would be sleazy, and i would have kicked their ass by now. But not from you."
"Well, thats good I guess." Jake paused, "Don't worry about getting it dirty, its fine. It can be cleaned."
They stared at each other until Karlea broke the silence.
"Did you want another drink?"
Jake wished she was offering herself for the drinking. He imagined taking her hand and biting her wrist, Karlea getting turned on by it. 

He snapped himself out of his daydream, "Yeah...please."
"Sweet or dry?"
"Sweet, definitely sweet."
Jake watched as she moved around the bar, swiftly mixing and concocting. When she was done, she presented the drink in front of him.
"Thank you." He said. He tried a sip, it was really sweet with different fruit flavors, but also really strong with alcohol, which was good because it would help calm his cravings. "That is really good."

Karlea looked around and noticed the wave of people headed towards the bar.
"I suppose I have to get back to work. Thanks for the shirt."
"You're welcome," Jake smiled. "How much do I owe you--"
"Don't worry about it." Karlea smiled before turning her attention to a clubgoer dressed in a sexy nun outfit with a gas mask resting around the top of her head.

Thanks for reading! I will make it around to reading and commenting this weekend.

Check out these other awesome vampire authors: Linda Hamonou and Angelica Dawson

I will admit that at this moment I do not feel this story is flowing. I started writing this in 2010 or 2011, then stopped in 2012 to write BloodLust: Armani, which is a sequel to this. Armani is flowing way better, which is way more erotic than this. This story is more romance - Jake is a good guy, err...vampire where Armani is more bad ass. Along this story, her ex human boyfriend, gets her in shit with one of the first original vampires, who happens to be Vaughn's maker, but Jake and Vaughn end up trying to protect her. Vaughn's character is based on the character Josef from the show Moonlight, where he's a bad ass but underneath it all he is really sweet and wants to help and good. I think I need to re-think and outline this story, I just don't know which way it should go.

I probably shouldn't be trying to write two vampire stories at once, but Armani is being shared for WeWriWa and has a good audience. I don't want to double up and share it here too. Because some of you have already read it.

Thanks for listening to me rant! Have a great week! And its 2015, do something fabulous!!

Hearts & Stars,
Siren XVX

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Taster o6.o4.15

Welcome to Thursday Tasters! Its been awhile since I posted last.

This week's excerpt continues where I left off the last time in a serial killer story I began from a screenplay I once wrote. This story is being written as I go, so its kinda a blog hop serial novel.
Your handsome, psychotic heart

The next day I would spend catching up on sleep and then reflecting on the experience. Late into the night, I would carefully dump the body where I saw fit. I owned a modest home set deep into the woods on a few acres of land with its own large pond. Some of the bodies ended up there. Others, like I said, where I saw fit; deeper into the woods or in a ditch somewhere.

This girl, there wasn't much to reflect upon, her incessant screaming was annoying before I even began anything, leaving me feeling unsatisfied. Work and life would be difficult until I had freetime for my hobby again. When that killer part of me is satisfied, I can focus on my work. This week will no doubt be faced with some interesting challenges.

Tuesday morning, I was met with working in the ER, as again it was short staffed. New York Presbyterian was by far the best hospital I've worked for, but the ER volume and staff burn out was something was they needed to work on. I was taking on more time in the ER, where I could; I enjoyed the emergencies of the ER, but my Cardiac Surgery schedule was busy. I definitely enjoyed the more serious emergencies.

During a rare quiet moment, I was enjoying a cup of morning coffee, standing at the nurses' station with my back against the wall and my hands resting on the counter holding my cup as I chatted with a young, new flirty nurse. That's when I saw....her...Amber.

She rushed in, her EMT uniform shirt unbuttoned at the top showing her white tank top, and her rather nice tattooed cleavage - not your average look for a paramedic. The nurses and a male paramedic helping to wheel in the gurney an unresponsive male patient lay on. She was busy performing chest compressions with her delicate hands -that weren't so delicate- quite talented at keeping up with the rush of the gurney and performing competent compressions.

I rushed over to her side, stealing a moment to stare at her, and not the patient flatlining before her.
"He's in cardiac. Male, late 20's, extreme psychosis, and hyped up on drugs." She said.
I shook my head that I understood.
"I've got this." I said, as my hands replaced hers, our fingers brushing each others.
"Okay." She replied with a slight smile.

This is where I will stop. Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments! I will get around to reading yours Friday or Saturday :)

You can read more great authors here.

Its 2015, do something fabulous!

Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X