Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Taster o6.o4.15

Welcome to Thursday Tasters! Its been awhile since I posted last.

This week's excerpt continues where I left off the last time in a serial killer story I began from a screenplay I once wrote. This story is being written as I go, so its kinda a blog hop serial novel.
Your handsome, psychotic heart

The next day I would spend catching up on sleep and then reflecting on the experience. Late into the night, I would carefully dump the body where I saw fit. I owned a modest home set deep into the woods on a few acres of land with its own large pond. Some of the bodies ended up there. Others, like I said, where I saw fit; deeper into the woods or in a ditch somewhere.

This girl, there wasn't much to reflect upon, her incessant screaming was annoying before I even began anything, leaving me feeling unsatisfied. Work and life would be difficult until I had freetime for my hobby again. When that killer part of me is satisfied, I can focus on my work. This week will no doubt be faced with some interesting challenges.

Tuesday morning, I was met with working in the ER, as again it was short staffed. New York Presbyterian was by far the best hospital I've worked for, but the ER volume and staff burn out was something was they needed to work on. I was taking on more time in the ER, where I could; I enjoyed the emergencies of the ER, but my Cardiac Surgery schedule was busy. I definitely enjoyed the more serious emergencies.

During a rare quiet moment, I was enjoying a cup of morning coffee, standing at the nurses' station with my back against the wall and my hands resting on the counter holding my cup as I chatted with a young, new flirty nurse. That's when I saw....her...Amber.

She rushed in, her EMT uniform shirt unbuttoned at the top showing her white tank top, and her rather nice tattooed cleavage - not your average look for a paramedic. The nurses and a male paramedic helping to wheel in the gurney an unresponsive male patient lay on. She was busy performing chest compressions with her delicate hands -that weren't so delicate- quite talented at keeping up with the rush of the gurney and performing competent compressions.

I rushed over to her side, stealing a moment to stare at her, and not the patient flatlining before her.
"He's in cardiac. Male, late 20's, extreme psychosis, and hyped up on drugs." She said.
I shook my head that I understood.
"I've got this." I said, as my hands replaced hers, our fingers brushing each others.
"Okay." She replied with a slight smile.

This is where I will stop. Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments! I will get around to reading yours Friday or Saturday :)

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  1. So he is saving lives on daily basis but kills people too. That's quite the hiding place working at the hospital, it's making things interesting.

    1. Its kinda like the show Dexter. He was a serial killer but worked in forensics for the police department. Albeit, he only killed bad people that deserved it.
      Thanks for reading!