Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tasters o6.18.15

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I am going to continue where I left off the last time.

I smiled back as she stopped running with the gurney. I noticed the bandage on her arm that she was bleeding through as she pushed her hair out of her face. For whatever reason, part of me was compelled to know more about her. And part of me was compelled to see her half naked hanging on a hook in my basement. Challenging week already. 
I tried to keep an eye on her as we worked on the patient in the ER. She was just in my line of view, it looked as though she was being chewed out by her partner. I worked my magic quickly, using the defibrillator to jolt his heart and get it started again. I watched the monitor for a bit to make sure he was stable, in between glancing over to make sure she was still in her spot. I handed the duties over to one of the newer resident doctors who was observing; ordering a toxicology test to determine what drugs the patient was on and what we needed to clear them, and making sure the patient stayed stable while that was all being done. After the patient was cleared of the ER, mental health services would come in and determine what was best for him.
I quickly walked back out to the nurses station, just in time to catch her partner saying that she wasn't ready to be back on the job, that he was going to recommend more time off for counseling.
"I don't need more counseling. I need my job, my life back." She said angrily.
"I'm sorry, you're just not ready." Her partner said, "You're off duty."
She ripped her badge off and slammed it down on the nurses station, "I quit."
The clipboard she was holding in her other hand, she held out for her partner.
"You can finish the paperwork." He said.
"I quit, you can finish it." She said with attitude as she shoved the clipboard into her partner and let go. It almost fell, but he caught it.
She turned and walked through the door to go to the lobby.
"She did a really great job today." I said as I ran by. I caught up with her, just as she was about to walk out of the hospital exit.
"You can't leave yet." I said, my Irish accent coming out thick to get her attention.
She turned to face me. "I'm not on duty. i already told you everything you needed to know about the patient--"
"Your arm, its bleeding through."
I touched her arm to show her, "Your arm. Its bleeding through your bandages. I can't let you go until I take a look at it."
She pulled her arm away, "It will be fine."
"No, it won't. Will you let me help you?"I asked, giving her a charming smile.
She stared at me for a second. She obviously didn't trust me, but in this moment, I don't think she trusted anyone. She had a story behind her and i was really curious to know what it was.
She shook her head and agreed, "Okay." She said quietly.

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  1. Damn! He really has his way all planned out in advance. Good job with the Irish accent.

  2. Wonderful taste. Looking forward to more.