Friday, June 19, 2015

Vampire Friday o6.19.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday!!!

This week I am continuing on with BloodLust. I first novel I started to write prior to BloodLust: Armani. I still feel the need to re-outline this story. Its less erotica and more romance. I feel it needs to be more erotic but on a level lower than Armani, because lets face it Armani & Karlea are on fire :)

Vaughn used his vampire speed and caught up to Jake as he walked away from the bar.
"I got a drink." Jake joked as he held up his drink.
"You're hopeless." Vaughn said.
"I know." Jake smiled as Vaughn took the drink and took a sip.
"Its good." He mouthed and then handed it back, "strong."
"Its good though, it will help calm the craving." Jake said, downing the drink.

"I just want to watch you rip her apart." Vaughn admitted.
"I wouldn't mind ripping someone apart, but not her. There's something about her. I want her."
"Yeah, she's mega hot." Vaughn interrupted.
"No, its more than that. Her energy is contagious." Jake said memorized.

"Then after you have her, you rip her apart?" Vaughn said hopeful.
"Perhaps. If I slip." Jake paused and rubbed his forehead, "What am I doing?"

"You could always rip her apart, then have her."
Jake just stared at Vaughn with a what the fuck look on his face.
"I mean we are part dead after all. We died, re-animated bodies by blood."
"Really?" Jake questioned with a sarcastic tone.

Vaughn laughed, "Come on, Jake, admit it, you've missed me."
Jake shook his head and then smiled, "Yeah, I've missed you."
Vaughn threw his arm around Jake and they walked back towards their dates. As soon as they stood in front of their dates, their dates inquired to where their drinks were since Vaughn said they were getting drinks earlier.

Vaughn turned to Jake, "I think its time to end this before the annoyance becomes any greater."
Jake glanced over at Karlea, using his want for her to fuel his want for blood, so he could finish Jenna. He used his vampire speed to appear before Jenna, sinking his fangs into her throat as he heard Vaughn do the same to Cindy. Vaughn finished first, leaving Cindy's unconscious body slumped over on the bench.
The sight of Jake feeding after so long of not drinking live human blood reminded Vaughn of when he first turned Jake, around 600 years ago. The first frenzy feed when you feed from a human for the first time in your new vampiric life with no sense of control, jolting and shaking while you feed. 

Vaughn gently put his hand on Jake's shoulder. "You need to stop. You can't kill her or it was cost me a fortune."
Jake pulled away. Vaughn knew it was harder than it looked. Jenna's body slumped over. Jake fell to the floor, laughing, drunk on the blood. Vaughn watched as he just layed out on the floor, lost in the euphoria. Vaughn looked around to make sure no one saw, not that it really mattered anyway, so many humans were drunk or high on drugs in this club, no one would probably notice unless they tripped over Jake and even then they probably would just think Jake is fucked up on drugs. The smell of humans drunk and fucked up on club drugs was obnoxious.
Vaughn smirked, "Just imagine, Jake, what She will taste like."

With vampire speed, Jake got to his feet, brushed his coat off, and glanced in Karlea's direction.

This is where I stop for today. What will happen next? Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading comments on what's working and what isn't. I will catch up on commenting soon, I have been posting comments but they don't seem to show up.

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Have a great week! As always, do something fabulous!

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  1. That sounds very dangerous. Jake has literally no control and Vaughn seems to love to push him over the edge.

    1. It's what Vaughn does best! Thanks for reading!