Friday, June 26, 2015

Vampire Friday o6.26.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

This week's continues right where we left off last week.

Jake watched Karlea as she worked the bar, almost like an animal watching its prey. He noticed her leave the bar and head down the stairs that were located behind the back wall of the bar that led to the bathrooms. Jake smiled deviously at Vaughn.
"Go get her, tiger." Vaughn laughed.
Jake took off towards the stairs, tuning into her scent, which he used to find which direction she went after she went down the stairs. She had gone down the hallway opposite the bathrooms. The hallway was littered with extra furniture and club backstock, at the very end was a door that opened to a room of alcohol backstock.

Karlea went through the backstock, emptying out a box to use to put all the alcohol she needed to restock in it. The lightbulb in the hanging socket started to flicker as Karlea looked up it. She tried to reach it to screw it in tighter, but she was just an inch too short. Karlea sighed and returned to searching for the alcohol she needed. She heard footsteps behind her near the door.
"The bathrooms are down the other hall." She called out as she put the bottles she was holding in the box.
She looked over her shoulder and saw Jake. She turned around.
"Oh, hey." She said.
"Sorry I went the wrong way." Jake said, staring at her with no intent of turning around and heading the other way.
"It happens." Karlea smiled.
"See, I told you I would get your shirt dirty." She quickly said, not wanting Jake to leave. She pointed the wet spot on the shirt and laughed. The light flickered and went out, leaving only the shadow of Jake in the doorway, the light from the hallway behind him.
"Damn it." Karlea said as she stretched for the lightbulb.
Jake used his vampire speed to appear in front of her. He put his hands on her hips, and felt her jump. He could feel his eyes had turned red and dangerous, and his blood was burning in him. He could drain her and leave her body on top of the boxes of alcohol; no one would ever know it was him, since the club opened up to Flesh patrons, there was a number of vampires that could have done it. He knew the owner of Virtu, Matt, was a vampire, but he didn't think that Matt let his employees know what he was. Karlea probably had no clue that vampires existed.
"I suppose I should take it off of you then." Jake said as he pulled her into him. She didn't resist and instead of going for her neck, Jake planted his lips on hers, each of them feeling the spark. They kissed long and hard, Karlea wrapping her arms around him. Jake's fingers got tangled in her hair. He pushed her back into the boxes, his knee caught in between her legs as he pushed into her.

The light flickered back on and Jake was relieved that he could feel his eyes had returned to normal before she could see them. Jake pulled away from her lips and pulled her up with him, so she was standing back on her feet. They smiled at each other.
"That was ummm..." Karlea blushed, trying to find words.
"Yeah." Jake replied, smiling. "I should probably go use the bathroom."
"I should probably get this box upstairs." Karlea said.
"I'll see you up there then."
Jake turned around and used a normal human speed to walk away towards the bathrooms.
Vaughn watched curiously as he saw Karlea walk up the stairs carrying the box of alcohol.
He went by the stairs just as Jake was walking up them.
"Hopeless." He said to Jake.

I totally rewrote this scene and cut out a ton that the original had, oh and they never kissed in the original. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

You can read other great vampire authors - Linda Hamonou

Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X


  1. That was unexpected, he didn't even take a bite. I think he is going to enjoy his human. :)

    1. I'm surprised he didn't either, but I think it shows the possible romance that could happen between them.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I like how he doesn't seem to realize how much she knows about vampires... and I like the interplay between Jake and Vaughn.

    1. Jake and Vaughn are fun. Its kind of based on the relationship between Mick and Josef on Moonlight, if you every saw that show. but I think these two have a little more fun together.
      Thanks for reading! :)