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We will continue on with the sexy shower scene between Armani & Karlea...
As her blood flowed into his mouth, it felt different - it was not about getting the sustenance his undead self needed, ultimately draining his victim of her life and ending it - it was about sharing something so intimate that humans could never experience together. Without letting go, Armani used his sharp nails to cut open his skin on his shoulder at the base of his neck. Feeling his blood drip down, he guided Karlea's mouth to the wound, placing his hand on the back of her head. He felt her tongue lick up the blood before her mouth latched on to the wound. It wasn't about her physical and chemical need for his blood - he was sharing his blood for the intimacy, and he could sense that she felt it; the way she sucked and drank the blood was slower and more seductive. As a vampire, this was one of the most intimate things he could do with her, besides turning her, both equivalent to humans sharing their blood and DNA to create a child. Being the type of vampire Armani was, there was one more thing he could share with her, but that would have to come a bit later when she was riding the waves of her orgasm. First he had to get her there.

Whoa, Armani just shocked me, who knew he had any of this in him? They are fucking intense!

I don't write this, he does. I don't plan this, I just let him write and this is what comes out. ;)

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  1. And more of the unexpected soft side to Armani! Enjoyed the excerpt...

  2. Yeah Armani wanting full intimacy instead of the fun is pretty surprising!
    It's good when the characters take control.