Sunday, July 5, 2015

WeWriWa o7.o5.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday! Well, actually I kicked of the WeWriWa list because I was too tired from grilling and setting off a few fireworks to finish my post. But Snippet Sunday is still a go!

So, here we go! Continuing on from last week with our erotic scene with Armani. Yum yum...

Armani continued to kiss her down her body, moving her arms from being pinned above her head to being pinned near her sides. As soon as he reached her stomach, she started to squirm and giggle, but with her wrists being pinned down and the weight of Armani on top of her, it was hard for her to move too much. Armani absolutely loved the sound she was making, so he continued to kiss and caress her stomach. He wondered what noise she would make if he bit down. He moved his tongue over her stomach to her side and sunk his teeth in. She moaned loudly and Armani sensed how much more it aroused her. He let go of her and slowly made his over to her other side; biting down when he felt the time was right, enjoying her noises. He could easily do this all night; he let go and caressed the same side again, waiting...

I could keep going because this is only going to show on Snippet Sunday, but I think this a good place to stop. I am playing with an idea to start writing little snippets of Armani & Karlea in their own points of view. Debating if I should do it via its own dedicated blog or if I should give them each a blog and have them write it like its their own blog post, or just straight up write the damn thing. But I think it will be interesting to see more of their thoughts on each other. Hey, if E.L. James can do it with the garbage she wrote, why can't I?. Sorry not a big fan of hers.

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments!

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Enjoy your week! Its 2015, do something fabulous! The year is half over, so get going! What is the one thing you want to do this year?

Hearts & Stars,
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  1. Armani's always trying something new LOL. Hot little snippet!

  2. I agree with Veronica. Being so old you'd think he did it all but he is really the exploring type. So much fun.

    1. I don't think he has ever had so much fun with a human. Usually they are dead pretty quickly.