Saturday, August 8, 2015

Armani's P.O.V - Take #1

I am so excited to be sharing this! I have been wanting Armani to write his own words of how everything unfolded. It hasn't been edited and there will probably be more added in, but here we go...

I watched her enter the club, alone.

Her hair was red and black, pulled up into a purposefully messy ponytail. Her black sleeveless mini-dress adorned with metal hardware accented her pale tattooed skin that was exposed. Her legs covered with sexy big holed fishnet stockings. Her thick black eye makeup and lipstick, made her skin seem even more pale, but in a way that was beautiful, or at least it was to me because it was so much like my own. All of her facial piercings were the perfect size, where they didn't seem to take over her appearance.

Her beauty lit up the club, was she vampire or human? Security at the door was arguing with her, from her movements and body language, she was familiar with Joe. He made her give over her right hand to stamp it before he let her proceed. 
I caught a glimpse of her teeth as she thanked him. Her teeth and pale skin said vampire, but the stamp on her hand said "taken human", yet she was definitely alone. Joe had done that to hopefully protect her for whatever reason she felt compelled to enter the club alone.

She walked passed without seeing me in the shadows. I took in her scent as she passed - human, definitely human. Her heart beating loudly in my ears, and her veins becoming the blood flowing through her.

I watched as she walked around. She talked to the bartender, Lillian, and then to Sade, who was running the backrooms. They both seemed to be familiar with her, but not giving her the answer she wanted to hear. She went over to one of sofa's, looking around before sitting down. She was here to look for someone, hence the "TH" stamp. 
How stupid of her to walk into this club alone, although her bravery was apparent. The sound of her heartbeat was normal, she wasn't scared to be surrounded by vampires without an escort. She was so dead. But maybe that was exactly what she was looking for. 
I overheard a group of frat-like vampires (yes, unfortunately they exist), who noticed she was alone, too. They talked about what they were going to do to her. It wasn't pretty and reminded me of lions fighting over a fresh kill, that was what her body was going to look like after, pieces of her scattered. She wouldn't perish from blood loss, she'd die from being torn apart.

She looked up in my direction, but still couldn't see me. Her eyes were stunning, although they seemed to be filled with sadness. She was so beautiful. I had to have her. The vision of her screaming beneath me before I drained her to death was overwhelming.

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  1. Oh nice, let's save her from the frat to drain her himself... Typical thoughts for him.