Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mid Week Tease o8.o5.15

Welcome to the Mid Week Tease!

I'm happy I found some time to sit down and write more of my pirate story. It isn't much, but at least I have something to share. So this small excerpt continues on from last week.

Buckley took the sword from her. 
"Women do not belong on ships." He said. 
"Mr. Buckley, arrr, Captain, " Caera started, "I was born on a ship, I will die on one."
"Ya know what we do with women on ships?"
"Yes, yes, I am well aware." Caera retorted, "I believe there are more pressing matters to attend to. You may want to give Grimes a heading. He's needs to know where to go."
Buckley stared at her, dumbfounded, he had no clue how to run a ship.
"A heading? He needs a heading before we crash into something. Which way are we headed? What treasure are we looking for? On what island? Or are we plundering other ships? What if the Royal Navy comes upon us? Do we surrender or fight? Do you know how to lead these men into battle?"
Her unrelenting questions where getting to Buckley as he was getting more confused, the other men with him looking more confused, too.
"I don't know." He said quietly. 

Caera forcefully grabbed her sword back from him. 
"Captain Buckley," She boomed, "I declare you are unfit to captain the Crimson Lust. By the mutiny of one, I hereby take over this ship as Captain."
The rest of her crew cheered as Jack smiled at her, breathing a sigh of relief. Connor and a few other men made their way upstairs and surrounded the six men. 
"What should we do with them?" Jack asked.
Caera smiled. "Connor, bust out the plank. You men may have all the fun."

Crew members scrambled to bring out the wooden plank as Connor and the men that were helping him, escorted the mutinous six over.

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  1. Yikes! Well, that's one way of figuring out where you're going!

  2. Mutiny! Great way to tease a reader.