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Vampire Friday o8.28.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

I didn't rewrite anything from BloodLust, with Jake and Karlea. I didn't get to it this week, as much as I wanted to. So, instead, I am going to share something from BloodLust: Armani with Karlea & Armani, written in Armani's p.o.v.
In this scene, Armani has taken Karlea out of the club to save her from being torn apart by a group of frat-like vampires. Outside in an alley, Armani and Karlea are surrounded by them. Armani's last line to them before this scene was that Karlea belonged to him. The fight over Karlea ensues...

"Not for long." One of them dared to reply.
They came at me. I knocked five of them to the ground, but where was the sixth. I turned to see him backing Karlea into a wall. She didn't look scared, instead she looked serious and determined. As she took another step back, she hit the wall. The frat boy lunged at her throat but was met with a small stake she pulled out from the bosom of her dress, just under his heart before she went all bad ass on him and punched the stake up into his heart. Damn.
The other five quickly got to their feet. I threw three of them off at me at once, smashing them into a concrete wall with hardly any effort. As I went to take on the other two, one perished in front of me with a stake through his heart. Karlea standing on the other side. 
"You helped me, just returning the favor I guess." She said, although I could sense the adrenaline coursing through her.
"I see you've done this before." I said as I punched the last remaining frat boy.
"More or less." She smirked, as if for it to be a warning to me.
The four got up again, three tackling me at once, as one that seemed to be their frat boy leader went after Karlea, pissed that she killed two of his brothers. As I threw the three off of me again, I saw Karlea back up and slip on a bottle, landing on the cold pavement on her ass. The frat leader lunging towards her throat as she screamed. I grabbed onto him mid air and punched my fist through his back, ripping out his heart. She scrambled out of the way as I did. I dropped the heart and the body. I ran at her and scooped her up, not wanting to take anymore chances.
After a bit, she pulled away from me.
"You can let me go now."
I laughed. "If I let you go, they will just keep tracking you."
"And you're just going to kill me, too." She said. 
"Would you rather I do it or them? Wasn't that your decision back at Flesh?"
I stared at her. "You have a better chance with me."
She stared back at me. Her intent to run was frce, but she knew she really wouldn't get away.
"You can run, you won't get far. You can try to fight me, but without vampire blood in you, you really have no chance - those frat boys were young. I have centuries on them, trust me."
"So, i'm just supposed to willingly go to my death?" 
"I'll make it more fun for both of us. You will die in pleasure. They will tear you apart limb by limb. As I said you have a better chance with me, maybe I won't kill you. Maybe better things await. I don't know yet."
I waited for her to make a decision, but she was taking too long.
"Don't make me do this." I warned as I stepped closer to her.
I grabbed onto her chin and forced her to look me in the eyes. 
"You will come with me." I commanded. 
Compelled, she shook her head and agreed. I lifted her up and carried her to the basement of a building I owned. I set her down as I walked with her, holding her hand down the corridor. I released her from the compulsion, it was either now or later, I figured I could have some fun with her.
"No!" She yelled when she came out of it and realized where she was. She turned around, crashing into me, trying to pull her hand out of mine. I tightened my grip on her hand as I smiled coldly, down at her. She wasn't going anywhere. She tried to struggle but it was no use, it was easy to overpower her.
"You compelled me." She said as she hit me with her free hand on the chest. 
"You weren't making a quick enough decision when there was only one choice." I replied. "If you tried running, I would have caught you, and compelled you. If you told me to leave you for the rest of the wolves, I would have just compelled you. Because I would rather not carry you here kicking and screaming."
She continued to hit me on the chest until I grabbed onto both of her wrists as she struggled.
"And if you tried to fight me," I continued as i held onto her and pushed her into the wall, her back hitting hard enough to knock some air out of her lungs,  "well, that would have been over in two seconds, once again with you getting compelled in the end. It just would have been better for both of us, if you made the decision to come with me on your own."
"What do you want with me? You could have just drained me at the club  or in the alley."
I laughed. "Its not that easy, not for me anyways." 
"When i first saw you and met you, i was thinking I wanted you screaming, naked, underneath me as I drained you. Now, I'm not so sure I want you dead. I think I want you naked and screaming in pleasure underneath me as I try my hardest not to kill you."

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  1. I think Armani is seriously crazy. I wonder what he really wants. And I also wonder how Karlea is going to get out of here. They have a strange compelling relationship like I want them to get away from each other and I want them to be together at the same time.