Friday, August 7, 2015

Vampire Friday o8.o7.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday!

This picks up right in the action from a few weeks ago...

Karlea turned around to help the next customer, when she realized her ex was right in front her with his girlfriend; both staring at her with their usual hate filled faces.
"Danny." She said, "You look awful."

"Where is it, Karlea?" Danny asked, trying to remain calm.
"Where is what?" Karlea asked, not knowing what Danny meant. "Are you high?"
Karlea turned to his girlfriend, Luna, who looked anorexic and dead.
"What drugs are you feeding him now?"
"No drugs," Danny chimed in, "what i'm on is better than drugs."
Danny smirked and stared at Karlea.
"Don't stare at me like that." Karlea said, angry. It totally creeped her out that he was even looking at her.
"I need my stuff, Karlea."
"I gave you everything I had of yours when we broke up." Karlea replied.
"No! There was a USB Flash Drive that i hid---"
"Oh, you mean when you were fucked up and broke into my apartment, letting Sydney out, where she almost got lost? Right. i don't have what you're looking for. And if I come across it, i'll be sure to burn it."
Danny became enraged, he slapped her hard across the face. 

"I need that drive!" He shouted.

"Your girl is in trouble---" Vaughn started to say, but Jake had already jumped drown discretely from the rafters, making it over to Karlea in time to catch Danny's next punch. Karlea jumped up on the bar and went to take a punch at Danny, but Jake, holding Danny's wrist, grabbed onto Karlea with his other hand. It felt like the weight of 10 people holding her in place, she couldn't move.
"I've got this." Jake said as gently as he could, not wanting to frighten her with his anger. Luna lunged forward to take a stab at Karlea, but Vaughn grabbed onto her, pulling her back.

"We've got this." Vaughn said, giving Karlea a little smile.
Jake let go of Karlea to focus his attention fully on Danny. 

"You are so dead." Danny shouted at Karlea with a smirk on his face
Fortunately for Danny, Jake couldn't do things he wanted to this human in front of all these people. 
"Escort them out!" A short, stocky, bald man with lots of piercings shouted, making his way around from behind the bar. Matt, the club's owner. 
"They're banned from this club." He continued. 
"You won't ever touch Karlea again." Jake said, letting his eyes turn red and baring part of his fangs as dragged Danny towards the exit.
"You're right, I won't because they're going to kill her, unless you do it first." Danny laughed, "She might be better off if you did it because what they're going to do isn't going to be pretty."

"Who are they?" Jake inquired, but Danny just kept laughing. Club security grabbing him and taking him off of Jake's hands.
Vaughn easily dragged Luna over with him towards the security guards. She may have been vampire, but her strength was no match for how old and how strong Vaughn's bloodline was. 

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  1. Wow, so Karlea already has vampire enemies without knowing it. I wonder what's on that drive.
    "Anorexic and dead" that's priceless. ;)

    1. Thanks Linda! Now that he knows will he help and protect her? Will he enlist Vaughn to help? Will Vaughn even want to? :)