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No intro needed, i know you are all anxious to see if she kills Armani:

He took his right hand off of her hip and put it through the gaping hole in his chest, wrapping his fingers into hers and holding hers there, not wanting her to remove her hand, nor his heart. He placed a death grip on her hip and flipped her over without falling out of her. He looked and watched the blood pouring out of him, falling onto her chest and throat.
Armani raised his eyebrows, "Fucking hot."

"Very." Karlea agreed as Armani began thrusting."I knew you were going to try something, all I have to do is listen to your blood. It tells me things, just as mine will tell you things if you just listen. And from your blood, I know that you meant no harm to me. How could you, my blood is flowing through you..."
This conversation will have to continue next week. Omg, she didn't kill him ;)
Thanks for reading! Question for my fellow writers: If I entered this story into a contest, would you say I enter it in the Erotica category or Paranormal? Never entered a writing contest before.
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  1. Gruesome, but I'll admit a little hot. Great scene. :)

  2. Bloody hell! Now that's a hot mess someone should sink their teeth into!

  3. This sounds so dangerous. I know she is floated with his blood but I'm still thinking she is going to try to kill him.

  4. Intriguing! Interested to see where this goes. :)