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Vampir Freitag 25.o9.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

We continue on from last week...

Jake half expected her to scream and attempt to run away, like it happened so many times before in all his centuries. But instead she reached out her hand and placed it on his cheek, creating a spark between them.
"I always knew vampires existed. I should be scared, but I'm not."
"You should be." Jake said, taking her hand. "I could kill you at any moment without warning."
"You could have killed me a few minutes ago while I was bleeding out everywhere, but you didn't. I'm sure there was plenty of other times tonight that you could have."

"I was very tempted to, I wanted to. But I like you too much." Jake painfully admitted. 
Karlea smiled.
"What I did tonight, in the basement, Jake continued, "I wouldn't normally do. Whether I was human or...this. But you make me feel something..."
He locked his fingers into hers, Karlea locking hers around his as they both looked at their hands. Jake pulled her into him, placing his free hand on her cheek and his lips on hers. he kissed her passionately.
"I feel so comfortable and safe with you. I don't know why." Karlea said quietly.
Jake half smiled, "Your life will always be in danger when you're around me, even when it seems like I'm trying to help."
Karlea nodded that she understood.
"We should get out of here." Jake said.
"I live not that far from here."

They walked to the end of the street and took a left, entering a street that had more people walking about, mostly college kids trying to get back home after a night of debauchery that their parents would never allow. Jake scanned for dangers as they walked, nothing but drunk teenagers and twenty somethings.
"Where do you live?" Karlea asked.

"Then what were you doing..." Karlea stopped, "You were stalking me."
"I was trying to make sure you got home safe." Jake replied. 
"Whatever it is, its a good thing you did." Karlea smiled then continued, "So that thing that attacked me.."
"Was vampire. Unrelated to me, but not unrelated to your ex. Whatever he is up to, he name dropped you. The last thing he said before he was escorted out of the club, was that they were coming for you. That's all I know. And why I followed you."

Karlea pointed to her building. 
"I'm walking you inside." Jake said.
Karlea nodded and they made their way inside. Jake on heightened senses of any danger. Jake followed Karlea up the stairs to the second floor.
"Sydney." Karlea said when she saw her black and white, young kitten sitting on the floor at the top of the stairs. Jake became hesitant, animals usually able to sense vampires and have a strong negative reaction to them. Karlea scooped up Sydney and pet her, the cat instantly purring. It playfully batted its paw at Jake, looking for more love. Jake reached out his hand, ready for the cat to freak out and claw him, but instead purred even more as Jake placed his hand on Sydney's head.
"She shouldn't be out here." Karlea warned.

Jake walked a head of her on guard as they turned the corner. The hallway lingered of vampire. 
"The last apartment on the right." Karlea quietly said.
As they approached, they noticed the door was wide open.
"May I go in?" Jake asked.
Jake entered her tiny studio apartment, it was trashed and empty of any threats, Danny's human scent lingering in the apartment, but Luna's stopped at the door, which meant Danny had no right to invite vampires in. 
"Its safe." Jake called. 
Karlea appeared at the door. "My apartment..."
Karlea walked in and shut the door, so she could let go of Sydney. Sydney immediately walking towards Jake and laying down at his feet, purring. Jake smiled.
"She likes you, apparently." 

"It was Danny." Jake said as Karlea looked at the mess.
"How do you know?"
"I can smell his scent. But Luna's stops outside the door."

"Because she's vampire and I would have to invite her in and Danny isn't."
"Correct." Jake replied.
"I invited you in."
Jake nodded.
"I promise to do my best not to abuse it." Jake said. "But you can rescind the invitation for extra protection."
"No, I don't want to."
"Its late. We're going to go to my place. You can sleep there, we'll deal with this mess tomorrow."
"Thank you."
Jake smiled at her and then grabbed her hand to get her to look at him, "I'm going to protect you from this. I just don't know if I can protect you from me."
Karlea nodded her head. This was all new territory for her; vampires, vampires that will kill her for blood, and vampires that just wanted to kill her. Jake looked at her hand, staring at her veins, watching the blood pump through them. 
"You're going to need to be aware of the dangers of being with me..."
Karlea reached up and gently kissed his lips to get him to stop talking
"I think I understand and I'm more than willing to take those risks with you."
"Okay." he said, uncertain this was a good idea. Uncertain that she really knew what she was getting into. Karlea was being way to calm about everything. She really wasn't like most humans.
"Besides my choices are either you or whoever is trying to kill me. I think, if anything, I would rather it be you."
"Don't tell me that. It will make it harder for me to keep you alive." Jake's eyes stalking her as she searched around her floor.

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