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Vampire Friday 11.o9.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday! My favorite day of the week!

This week, I have chosen to continue on with BloodLust, where Jake follows Karlea home to ensure her safety. I guess I didn't really choose to continue on with this, it just kind of flowed out as I am going through a whole rewrite of the original story I wrote a few years ago. I was doing good writing this excerpt at first, but then sleep depravation and sickness made me hit a minor writer's block for the rest of it. So, I did what you are supposed to do for writer's block and just kept writing. It is still WIP , so it will only have to be edited anyway. At least you have something to read.

Jake watched her as she walked towards the subway station at the end of the street. She was listening to music with only one of the headphones against her ear, the other resting behind her other ear; a way for her to still be aware to what was going on around her as she walked the city streets late at night. He admired how aware and attentive she was, unlike most humans who were lost into their own worlds and technological devices. How the world had changed over six centuries. Every minute or two she would look around and behind her, always knowing what was going on around her, the Manhattan streets still crazy with people at 4am. Jake had to be careful to stay a bit behind or move so fast around her that she didn't see him.
Karlea entered the subway station, swiped her Metro card, and made her way to the downtown E train platform. As the train approached, she put both headphones on her ears. She entered onto the half empty train and immediately sat down. She happened to look out of the window to see Jake descending the stairs. She looked away and smiled to herself and then back out the window as the train began to take off, but he had disappeared into the small crowd on the platform. 
She really hoped that she would see him again, and that the night's events didn't scare him off. She really wanted to take him up on his offer to walk her home, not that she felt unsafe, she could take whatever the mean New York City streets had to throw at her since she lived her for so long, but she wanted to spend more time with Jake, off the clock. There was something different about him (and Vaughn), she just sensed it, and it excited her. 
She hadn't given anyone the time of day since her and Danny broke up over a year ago. No one intrigued her enough. Everyone was the same. Even at the club, in the depths of the goth subculture, everyone was the same once you got to know them. Unfortunately, as a bartender, she got to know people more than she wanted, it was a total turnoff. She craved something more - something more taboo.
If any other dirtbag from the club had tried to do what Jake had done in the basement, she would have beat the shit out of them. She felt safe and comfortable with Jake. Why, she did not know. And was she ever attracted to him, the spark she felt when he touched her drove her crazy.

She didn't know that Jake was in the back of the train car watching her.

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  1. I wonder if she would still feel so safe with him if she knew that he was watching her. I can understand the feeling people are really all the same, it's depressing.