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Vampire Friday 18.09.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

We continue on where we left off last week; Karlea had no idea that Jake was on the train with her...

Jake watched as she went to get off at the West 4th Street stop in Greenwich Village. He waited for the very last second before the door to the train closed to use his speed to exit. Once on the platform, he walked slowly behind, keeping some distance between him and Karlea. As Karlea exited out onto the street, she pushed one of her headphones off her ear. She walked for a bit, deeper into Greenwich Village, the streets a lot quieter and empty. Karlea turned down a empty street, Jake electing to walk down the alley parallel to it.
Karlea thought she heard something as she walked. She pulled her headphones off and rested them round her neck as she listened. She turned back around to walk forward when she swore she felt someone breathe down her neck. 
"Fuck." She said, as she turned around.
No one was there, street was still empty.
"This night just got weird." She said out loud to herself.
"Weirder." She corrected.
She started to walk again, her pace a bit faster. She looked behind her again, this time an old, drunk bum had turned the corner and was walking behind her. She kept walking, jumping out of the way of the bum sitting on the sidewalk that looked the same as the one that just turned the corner behind her.
"Have any change?" He asked, shaking a cup.
"No, sorry." Karlea politely replied, as she always did when crossing paths with someone asking for change.
She looked behind her as she walked but both bums were gone. A hand grabbed onto her arm.
"I said, do you have any change?" The bum asked, more aggressively.
Karlea, using her martial arts training, flipped the bum over onto his back on the concrete sidewalk. 

"No, I don't!" She yelled.
She looked down, but the bum disappeared.

"Oh shit."
She heard the bum laugh as a breeze went past her. She went to run, but a cold, sharp pain radiated from her stomach. She looked down to see a knife lodged into her side. She couldn't move with the metal still lodged in her. Instinctively, she quickly and bravely pulled the knife out, dropping it to the ground. She felt her blood drip down her. She had to get to a busier street. She went to take a step, but the world started to spin around her.
"Karlea!" Jake yelled using his speed to get to her. 
He caught her in his arms, looking around, the scent of vampire was heavy in the air, however, the vampire that had done this was gone. He sat on the ground, holding her.
"I'm going to get you some help. Just please hold on." He begged.
He pulled his phone from his pocket and attempted to call 911. The smell of her blood, hitting him tenfold. 

Fuck, he said to himself. Who was he kidding - an ambulance wouldn't make it in time before she bled out, or more over, it wouldn't make it before he drained her the rest of the way. He wasn't going to last resisting with her smelling like that. Jake closed his eyes and brought his wrist to his mouth, biting into it. He used all of his strength to force his eyes to return to normal before he opened them, his wrist dripping blood.
"Here. Drink. It will heal you." He said, softly. He really didn't want to be doing this, but he had no choice, if he wanted to save her. Karlea looked at him, weak and confused.
"I'm clean, it won't harm you or change you. My blood will heal you."

He brought his wrist to her mouth. The feeling of her lips wrapped around his wrist was more intense than he imagined and turned him on. He allowed her a sip and pulled away, although he didn't want the feeling of her on him to go away. But he also didn't want her to become high off of his blood, nor blood bound to him. Blood binding a human was serious and he wouldn't do it without her consent, and even then he may not even do it. He was surprised how she didn't choke on the taste. Most humans would have choked and found the taste vile, did she actually enjoy it?
His wound healed itself quickly. Karlea cried out as she watched her wound heal itself. Within a minute, she was back to normal, his blood also healing her blood loss. 
"Good?" He asked as he took her hands.
She nodded, unable to speak as she stared at him. Jake pulled her up to her feet with no effort. Jake scanning the area for any more vampires.

"What...what are you?" She calmly asked, finding her voice.
Jake hesitated. "Vampire...I'm a vampire, Karlea."

What will Karlea's reaction be?

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  1. Wow, that was a close call, I guess we can forgive him for the stalking then.