Sunday, September 13, 2015

WeWriWa 13.o9.15

Welcome to Snippet Sunday! I was too tired to finish this post last night and thought I would be up before the Weekend Writing Warriors post deadline. But alas, my name was taken down. Oh well. lol.

We are going to continue on with Karlea's thoughts and the declaration they are making to each other...

Even though she was more than willing to be bloodbonded, Jake still refused to do it. Karlea hated to admit it, but maybe Armani was right, maybe deep down Jake was unsure about their relationship the whole time. It was definitely time for her to let go of it all. 
"I am bound to you, " She said, "I will always protect you and fight for you, even when I hate you."
Armani squeezed her hand again, "I would let you rip it out and keep it safe, if I could."

"I'm starting to loose too much blood." Armani said, removing both of their hands.
They watched the hole close up, Karlea looking like murder scene. Armani rubbed the blood all over her body before kissing her.

I am so hoping to turn this into a cable tv series one day, think True Blood.  With that being said, I am going to be bold right now and sincerely ask my readers if any of you have connections at Netflix, as far as people in charge of finding original series and films for the company? 

In a new move, Netflix is looking to only have original content on their streaming service, this includes series and films. I know they are on a search to find original content to produce. I have many screenplays and treatments that I would love to pitch to them, but I do not have an agent, nor an "in" with the company. I'm guessing like most networks and movie production houses, they will throw out unsolicited work. I am looking for a way in or any creative ideas about to how to get my ideas to them. I tried researching who is in charge of finding content, but am coming up empty handed. If anyone has an info, I would be forever grateful. I figure now is the time to pitch to them.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. ""I will always protect you and fight for you, even when I hate you.""
    Great line!

  2. Very interesting snippet! Wonder why he won't bond with her?

  3. I think Jake is pretty smart because as far as I can see just now, Karlea's free will just ran out the window.