Sunday, October 25, 2015

WeWriWa 25.1o.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on, right where we left off last week.

He leaned to her ear. "Beg me," he whispered.
Karlea looked at him, she wanted to keep resisting so bad, no one had ever done this to her before, and in a twisted way, she liked it.
"Well, I think we are done here." 
He began to move away from her towards the edge of the bed.
"Please..." She whispered, panting. She really didn't want to give in, but she didn't want their night to be over, and not like this. She was blood bonded to him, so she would have plenty of time to resist him.
Armani moved back over her with vampire speed...

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Enjoy your week!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

WeWriWa 18.1o.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on with Armani being dominatent over Karlea...

Armani laughed, "Everything about you says you do... the pain and the frustration behind your eyes, your unstable voice..." Armani kissed her lips, then bought his mouth down to her stomach, licking her silky skin up to her breast, taking it into his mouth and sucking, listening to her moan, sounds she couldn't stop from coming out of her. "Your sexual energy about to explode," Armani continued. He grabbed onto her hips and penetrated her quickly, just enough to make her moan loudly and pull himself back out. "You're so wet and ready." He leaned down, letting his fangs penetrate her neck as she yelled out. He took a sip and pulled away. Her arms fell to her sides and stayed there, she couldn't move. "Your body quivering against my touch, you want to come so badly..." 

Will she give in? 

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Sometimes my characters have fun conversations through Twitter ;)

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Vampir Freitag 16.1o.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

This week we continue on with Jake and Karlea. First line is Jake's, continuing on about how if re-learns to live off of bagged blood from the blood bank...

"Which could make me lose control and feed on you."
Jake paused. "Then again, the fact that I drank human blood for the first time in three years could also make me lose control and feed on you."
"I guess we'll find out." Karlea said, looking down at her tea, taking a deep breath.
Jake couldn't ignore her heartbeat ringing in his ears anymore, nor her sweet smell. Before she could even look back up, Jake appeared behind her, grabbed onto her arm and spinning her around to face him. She gasped as her back hit the island counter, her tea mug spilling over. Her heartbeat accelerating.
"I guess we will." Jake said, staring at her heart, then looking up at her. "I really don't want to." His voice strained
"I know. Whatever happens, happens. As I said, its you or them, and I don't even know who they are. I'll take my chances with you."

The rotted smell of blood hit him and he could feel his eyes starting to change.
"Let me go burn those." He said to her, taking her ruined clothing from her hands. Karlea watched as he disappeared, the front door of his apartment opening and then closing. She took a deep breath, why the fuck was the possibility of death from Jake exciting her?

Down the street, Jake found an appropriate dumpster in an alley, one where the smoke and flames wouldn't bother, or even be noticed by, tenants living high above the street level. The dumpster had enough papers and trash that it would burn quickly. It had been a close call with Karlea, hopefully this would help even if just a little bit. He threw in the clothes. He lit a match and watched it burn on the stick between his fingers. Fire was an enemy of vampires, it was rare that one could heal themselves after being charred by fire, but he wasn't afraid of the flame. He dropped the match in and watched everything light up. As he stood watching everything burn, making sure her clothes would be nothing but ash, he quickly texted Vaughn to meet him at his place. He needed answers and Vaughn, whether willing or not, was going to help him get them.

Jake rushed back to his apartment, finding Karlea wiping up the tea with a cloth.
"You shouldn't be doing that. It was my fault." Jake said, sweetly, making her jump slightly. He put his hand on top of hers, attempting to take the cloth from her. "I apologize for --"
"Don't." Karlea said, facing him. "You can't help what you are. And you're not going to apologize every time you slip or almost slip"

Jake half smiled, "If I fully slip, there won't be anyone left to apologize to."
Karlea put her hand on his cheek and looked at him, not knowing what to say.
"Vaughn is on his way over." Jake said breaking the silence. Karlea removing her hand.
"He's a vampire too." Karlea said instead of questioning. She already knew the answer.
"He sired me." Jake admitted.
Karlea went to speak, but she was hit with flashes of Vaughn feeding off her at the club. Jake caught her in his arms. "Whoa, you okay?"
Karlea held onto him. "Yeah," She said quietly, "Vaughn drank from me at the club tonight. I didn't remember until now."

"He did."
"You knew?!"
Jake nodded, "Only when I came up to you at the bar after what happened in the basement. I could smell his scent on you and you seemed disoriented. That's why I left you so abruptly. We were fighting when Danny attacked you. Vaughn compelled you to forget, only you're not like most humans. lost time for you makes you question, where most would just let it go. Hence you were disoriented."
Vaughn burst through the door, "I was thinking if you don't want to turn her, you should at least bloodbond her, it would make her a bit stronger at least, to survive this."
Jake with Karlea still in his arms, both looked at him.
"Oh," Vaughn said, all cocky, "you didn't tell me she was here."
Vaughn smiled.
"Yes, Vaughn, she's here after she almost died with a knife in her side, walking home." Jake answered, "And she knows."
"How did you save her?"
"I gave her my blood to heal her." Jake said unhappy as Vaughn stared at her. "So, she knows what we are."

Karlea pulled away from Jake and stepped toward Vaughn.
"You drank from me and tried to make me forget." She said angrily.

Vaughn used his speed to lift Karlea off the ground and smash her into the wall, holding her by the throat. Jake immediately on Vaughn trying to pry his hand off of her.
"And you liked it." Vaughn retorted with a smile.
"Let me go!" Karlea choked out between his grip, still angry.
Vaughn let go of her throat but still held her to the wall.
"You understand that if you tell anyone of our existence --"
"What?" Karlea replied, "You make me suffer a horrible death?"

"Exposing us could be fatal."
"I don't want to expose you, your secret is safe with me. Besides even if I did want to tell anyone, it would end me up in the loony bin."
Vaughn let go of her as she shrugged him off of her.
"I like her, she has dark mind." Vaughn said, as she stared at him. "So, why am I here? This better be good, I was in the middle of draining some new interns."

Vaughn stared at Karlea as he put emphasis on 'draining new interns'.

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
Linda Hamonou

Have a fangtastic week!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Taster 15.10.15

Welcome to Thursday Taster! Its been a bit since I've participated, only because I have been working on other writing projects and I mostly share excerpts from my serial killer story or my 1st person p.o.v. vampire rewrite. 

So today, I have written a little bit more of my serial killer story...

I was going through a lot of trouble to acquire this girl and risking everything I had in the process. I could easily lose both of my careers. But I knew myself. I knew I wouldn't be able to focus fully on anything until I was satisfied with this girl. She fascinated me, she was strong and bold. i wanted to know her story, i wanted to know her pain threshold, and her feeelings when she was facing death. 
She lived not too far from the Brooklyn Bridge, on a quiet dead end street, in a brownstone duplex. I parked the car near her house, texting her to let her know I was here. As I stepped out of the car, I saw her step out onto her porch, locking the door behind her. She walked down the stairs onto the sidewalk. She looked radiant and bad ass in an army fatigue dress that looked like it was repurposed from an army jacket. It had no sleeves with a deep collar, and buttoned all the way down. She left the top two buttons unbuttoned, exposing the top of her breasts, hints of her black lace bra, peeked out as she walked. The dress shaped to her body. She wore black fishnet stockings and combat-looking boots, but more fashionable. Her hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail that went well with her dress. Her eye makeup matched the dark green and brown of her dress with thick black eyeliner. I noticed that she had a small silver ring in the side of her nose, something she didn't have in earlier in the day. Her arm looked like it was freshly bandaged.
I walked up onto the sidewalk to meet her, holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses. 
"Hey." I said as I flashed her my charming smile.
"Hey." She replied, smiling back as she walked up to me.
I handed her the flowers. 
She laughed as she said, "Thanks, but this isn't necessary. I think you have done enough for me today."
"It was my pleasure." I said. She smiled and smelled the flowers. 
"You look beautiful." Slipped out of my mouth. 
"Oh thanks. I wasn't sure what to wear."
Um...nothing would be good.
"I wasn't sure what kind of restaurant we were going to." She continued.

"Well, now its going to have to be some fancy place." I joked. 
"Noooo." She cried, sarcastically, as we walked towards the car. I held open the passenger door for her. She smiled and thanked me as she got in. As I got in the driver side, she had her phone pulled out, fidgeting with it to turn off the ringer. 
"So what name did you put in your phone for me?" I had to ask.
"Um..." she stammered and then smiled. "Doctor Emerson."

She embarrassingly showed me the contact entry. I laughed and shook my head.
"I'm still convinced you just like calling me that.You may just have a thing for doctors."
"Maybe." She plainly said, as she shut off her phone and placed back into her small army green bread bag. 

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here!

Hearts & Fangs,
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

WeWriWa 11.1o.15

Welcome to Snippet Sunday! I missed the cut off for Weekend Writing Warriors, its been a crazy week, so I am not ahead of the game.

This week continues right where we left off last week, with Armani asserting himself as the dominant...

"Beg me." Armani said.
"What?" Karlea questioned, frustrated and still out of breath.
"You heard me." Armani said sternly and slowly, "Beg me."
It took Karlea a few seconds to stare at him and defiantly say, "No."

"Beg me." He said again, pulling himself out of her as she gasped. The sensation pushing her to the very edge again, but still not enough to get her off. 
"I guess I don't need it that bad." She answered with a smirk, challenging him and the authority he was trying to assert.

Oh, Armani is going to have his work cut out for him. Doesn't look like Karlea will give in so easily, even when he plays with orgasm denial. 

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors at WeWriWa and Snippet Sunday

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

WeWriWa o4.1o.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! Happy Oktober!!! (I'm learning German, so I'm starting to unconsciously spell things in German.) Its Fall, I love this time of the year right through the new year. So festive. And glückliches Oktoberfest! Its Samstag as I type this and I am planning a big celebration for the last day of Oktoberfest :)

We continue on right where we left off last week where Armani was going to punish Karlea for all the smart ass things she has said...

“Either bonded to me or as my progeny, I will punish you.” Armani said seriously.
He sensed she was about to climax, so he stopped thrusting, completely destroying the rhythm and taking Karlea by surprise. She arched her body looking for it.
“No.” She cried, her body ached for him,and it hurt bad. 

"Punishment." Armani smirked.
Karlea reached her hand down, intending on using her fingers to help her, but before she could even touch herself, Armani grabbed her wrists and pinned her down with a laugh, making it impossible for her to even move against him to get herself off. Armani shook his head and laughed again.

Mean. Oh Armani, what are we going to do with you?
Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors at WeWriWa and Snippet Sunday

Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X

Friday, October 2, 2015

Vampir Freitag o2.1o.15

Welcome to Vampire Friday! Or Vampir Freitag in German :)

This week continues on from last week

Karlea searched her floor for some clean clothes, wanting to get out of her blood soaked ones; they felt gross and she was sure it wasn't easy for Jake to be around them. 
"Change at my place. I'll burn your clothes so you don't leave a blood trail." Jake said.
"Are you sure? It can't be easy or you to be around."
"I'm managing." Jake replied a bit strained. He looked over at Sydney, who was fast asleep in a pile of Karlea's clothes. "Leave her here, she'll be fine. I'll come over and check on her while you sleep."
Karlea shoved her clothes into her messenger bag and followed Jake out, making sure her door was able to close tight so Sydney wouldn't get out. 

"Come here." Jake gently said, once they were outside on the street. He grabbed onto her hand and pulled her close. He wrapped his arm around her and lifted her up slightly. "Hold on to me."
Karlea did she was told, turning her body slightly into his so she could wrap her right arm across him and hold onto his shoulder. She rested her head on his chest closing her eyes and almost burying her face into him as he began to walk, his pace way faster than a human. As she became more used to the pace, she opened her eyes and lifted her head up to see the world passing by.
Within minutes they were in the middle of SoHo, standing outside of Jake's building. Jake looked at her and smiled, then lifted her up again, carrying her quickly inside, up to the fourth floor. He set her down and opened up his apartment door. 
"How was that?" He asked as he held the door open for her.
"I wish all NYC transportation moved that fast." Karlea joked as she walked in Jake shutting the door behind them.  
Jake used his speed to appear in front of her, making her jump. 
"Yeah?" He asked with an animalistic look in his eyes, getting really close to her.
"Yeah." She agreed, not bothering to move herself away from the possible danger.
"The speed didn't make you feel sick?"
"No." She answered, "Is it supposed to? It made me feel alive."
"Most humans would have been nauseous."
"I'm not like most."
"So I've noticed, which is probably why I'm so drawn to you." Jake looked down at her blood soaked clothing. He shook his head, realizing what he was doing, snapping the animalistic look out of his eyes and taking a step away from her. "You should change, its getting a bit hard to stay in control."
"Okay." Karlea said in an understanding tone. 
She pulled her clothes out of her bag, setting her bag down. Jake pointed her in the direction of a bathroom. 

She pulled off her jacket, Jake's shirt, and her tank top. She inspected the area where she was stabbed, but other than the blood on her clothes, there was no trace that she was stabbed. His blood healed her completely. She quickly changed into clean black yoga pants and a modified black band t-shirt. She was pissed that her clothes were ruined and had to be disposed of, but at least she was able to walk away. After the world had started to spin around her, she really wasn't sure what was next. 
At this moment, everything seemed so surreal, dangerous, and exciting. She had managed to capture the attention of a gorgeous vampire, be rescued by him, drank his blood to save herself from death, and now was in his territory; his home. Why wasn't she scared? Why did she trust him not to hurt her? 
Every logical reaction should have been to be scared. She was more afraid of whoever Danny pissed off and was now trying to kill her. She was also more afraid of the normal human world, the one she never felt apart of. 
When she exited the bathroom, she found Jake in the kitchen. He turned around when he sensed her, holding a mug of tea. She stood across the island counter from him as he set the mug down in front of her.
"I made you some tea. Chamomile, to help you sleep." Jake smiled.
"Thanks." Karlea smiled back. "How did you know I loved tea?"
"Luckly guess." Jake laughed, then admitted, "I noticed all the tea that was dumped out in your kitchen."
"Heightened senses."
"Right." She smiled. She paused then said, "I'm surprised you even have tea."
"I drink tea... quite often. It just doesn't do much for me... unlike other things." Jake said, looking at her, trying to resist seeing the blood flowing through her.
Karla took a sip of her tea. "You mean blood."
Jake nodded.
"How hard is it for you to stay in control?"
"Truthfully?...Extremely, when I'm around someone I want." Jake reached out and brushed his finger against her hand, creating another spark between them, "Karlea..I want you, and I want to kill you at the same time. Its the most intense feeling ever."
Karlea slowly moved her hand and grabbed onto his, sensing his despair.
"I've never had it where someone I want is equal with my urge to kill. Usually I want someone and my urge to kill just completely takes over. And before I know what I'm doing, they're dead. With you, I don't know which one is going to take over."

"I quit drinking live human blood three years ago, which isn't that long." Jake continued, letting go of her hand and walking over to his refrigerator. He pulled out a bag of human blood and set it down in front of her.
"I lived on this...bagged human blood from the blood bank." Jake paused as she touched the cold bag. "...that is until tonight."

"What do you mean until tonight?" She asked, curious if tonight may be her last.
"I slipped at the club, and drank live human blood." Jake replied.
"Your date."

"She wasn't exactly my date, but yes."
"Is she dea--"
"Unconscious. Fortunately for her, I was able to stop before her heart did. She really didn't taste that good anyways."
"Oh." Karlea said.

"I know that's probably strange to hear, but besides blood type, humans have their own individual taste. Her blood was bitter with alcohol and drugs."
"I understand, it does make sense. But yeah, its a bit strange to hear how a human tastes without it being linked to oral sex." Karlea took a sip of her tea as Jake raised his eyebrows.
"I'll get used to it, though." Karlea added.
Jake smiled at her, amazed at how open her mind was.
"The problem is if I want to go back to drinking bagged blood, I have to start the training process all over again, which takes a few years of absolute isolation. That's not going to help right now."
"So you have to keep drinking live human blood."
"Yes. It might just be better for you safety anyways. Bagged blood doesn't really sustain you the way it needs to."

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
Linda Hamonou

Schönes Wochenende!

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