Sunday, October 18, 2015

WeWriWa 18.1o.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on with Armani being dominatent over Karlea...

Armani laughed, "Everything about you says you do... the pain and the frustration behind your eyes, your unstable voice..." Armani kissed her lips, then bought his mouth down to her stomach, licking her silky skin up to her breast, taking it into his mouth and sucking, listening to her moan, sounds she couldn't stop from coming out of her. "Your sexual energy about to explode," Armani continued. He grabbed onto her hips and penetrated her quickly, just enough to make her moan loudly and pull himself back out. "You're so wet and ready." He leaned down, letting his fangs penetrate her neck as she yelled out. He took a sip and pulled away. Her arms fell to her sides and stayed there, she couldn't move. "Your body quivering against my touch, you want to come so badly..." 

Will she give in? 

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  1. Yes, of course she'll give in. Maybe not right away--it might take the whole book,in fact--but she'll give in.

  2. Nice job. I'm guessing she will eventually give in.

  3. Always a hot (fanning myself) snippet. :)

  4. Duh, he is terrible. She might end up be turned off in frustration.