Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Extra!

Hey you awesome readers, I decided to make a holiday extra post to accompany my WeWriWa / Snippet post. 

So, I hope you enjoy!

With the side of her face pressed against his chest, Karlea stared at his skin. She was feeling too much at once - euphoric from his blood and the sex, her body tired, and her brain overworking that he said he loved her. Did she want him to? Did she feel the same as him? Or did she still hate him? He kidnapped her...but his blood was in her, pulling her to him, and his blood felt so good. His fingers gently caressed her shoulder, still managing to send sparks through her.
Armani pulled up the comforter, covering them both. He continued to caress her shoulder, the warmth of the comforter soothing her to sleep. Armani watched as her breathing pattern changed, he kissed her head knowing she had fallen asleep. He watched her sleep for hours, trying to formulate what he was going to do with her now.

I think the morning after might happen next post. That should be interesting. ;)
I have more written, but with this scene and next few ones, I have been re-writing slowly because I really didn't like the way they were originally. So, more to come next week. 
I'm writing really slowly because I have a few other projects I'm working on and running a co-op art space -  my writing doesn't happen as much right now, and I am working on three other stories (The 1st BloodLust, a serial killer story, and this story in Armani's p.o.v- it all depends on what voice I am feeling for the writing time. But I am enjoying it all and I love my work as Programming Director at the art space.

Dominate your new year!

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X

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