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WeWriWa 20.12.15

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! 
And Happy Holidays! Omg, the next post I write will be after the big holiday, its that close. I am so not ready.

Are you ready for more Armani??? 
This is what real love feels like, Armani thought to himself, never experiencing this in his life, even before he was made immortal. He wondered if he would be able to carry this with him to real world, to transcend the boundaries of this plane into the other.
Karlea stared at him, "You love me?" she questioned.
Armani ignored the question, "I've never been able to come here, I'm only able to project others. But apparently you do something to me that i don't understand."
Karlea rested her head on his chest.
"We need to go back. I don't want to, but this takes a lot of energy."

Of course he ignored the question. I want to share more, but I have to stop there. 

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  1. Really a lovely snippet between these two! Loved it!

  2. Sounds like a relationship that is complicated by love. Great excerpt. Makes me wonder how they will overcome their obstacles.

  3. Love takes him to a whole new world, eh?

  4. Oooh, intriguing! I love how he doesn't answer the question directly. Very very interesting.