Sunday, November 13, 2016

Snippet Sunday 13.11.16 - Its been awhile...

Welcome to Snippet Sunday! It has been forever since I took part in any blog hops. I last time I posted was in January, right after New Years. Eek! Let's just say 2016 has been a year full of shit - and I know many share that exact sentiment. And after last week, apparently its not going to get any better before 2017 comes in. Grrr..

Anyway, I decided to jump into NaNoWriMo a few days late. But have been taking it more seriously then ever before and even working with my schedule to still write when I can. I spent 5 hours writing one day and that never happens. But now this weekend is being completely spent with my kiddos. So, its a give and take, but already feel like I am doing way better than any NaNoWriMo I've done before. Hence, I wanted to jump on and share a snippet. Most of you remember me from my snippets of Karlea and Armani - well, I'm completely re-writing the first BloodLust book - the one before Armani comes into the picture. 

This snippet happens after she meets Jake at the nightclub where she bartends. She is walking home late at night, when she is stabbed. 
"Karlea!" Jake yelled using his speed to get to her. 
He caught her in his arms, looking around, the scent of vampire was heavy in the air, however, the vampire that had done this was gone. He sat on the ground, holding her.
"I'm going to get you some help. Just please hold on." He begged.
He pulled his phone from his pocket and attempted to call 911. The smell of her blood, hitting him tenfold. 

Fuck, he said to himself. Who was he kidding - an ambulance wouldn't make it in time before she bled out, or more over, it wouldn't make it before he drained her the rest of the way. He wasn't going to last with her smelling like that.

Thanks for reading!

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