Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thursday Threads Flash Fiction Post

Just wanted to post this week's Thursday Thread's challenge. It was my first time participating and I had so much fun writing with a prompt. My brain naturally thinks vampires or werewolves for everything. This weeks prompt was: "We didn't buy them."

Lady Akeldama walked down the dark alleyway to where we stood. The four women, their hands bound tight with rope, and gagged by a simple mind control, stood with us - three whimpering through their invisible gags. The forth just trying to stare me down, angry, but unable to speak. I stared back at her beneath the hood of my cowl.  They had all seen what Edoardo and I were, but this one had too much of an attitude to be afraid. I was sure if she could speak, she would have some things to say to me. I was curious, but not enough in this alleyway. 
"You better not have spent all the money I gave you, Lord Kian." Lady Akeldama warned as she walked up to us, looking over the women before her. Her mannerisms giving away to how hungry she was. 
"Oh, we didn't buy them. We found them. It was a good hunt." I said smiling, showing my fangs, not breaking my stare at the brave one. 
"Those two are for you." Edoardo spoke, pointing to the first two women.
"And the other, two?" She asked, as she looked at whom I was staring at and then back at me. She looked at the third woman and then at Edoardo. "Oh lovely, you found yourselves mates. Edoardo, I don't know about you, all your mates perish quickly. Kian, you've been holding out for an eternity, hopefully this will bring you some satisfaction. Grab them and let's go."

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