Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vampire Friday o3.17.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday! This is so my favorite blog hop, all vampire themed, I love it!

I am continuing on with my story BloodLust - the first in the series - I had started from the very beginning of it all, where Karlea met Jake and Vaughn at the club she works at. Later that night, Jake saves Karlea from being killed by a random vampire as she walks home, figuring out Jake (and Vaughn's) secret. Jake walks her home only to find her apartment ransacked. Jake brings her to his apartment for the night and recruits Vaughn to help him go find answers about what kind of trouble Karlea is in. As she waits for them to return, she decides to get some rest after such a long night. She awakens to Jake and Vaughn coming back, badly injured and in need of live human blood. Where we left off last week, she offered herself to Jake and Vaughn to heal them...

Jake felt her heart getting weaker and weaker. It wouldn't be long before it came to a complete stop. Her body already feeling limp and her skin not as warm as it should be. Jake tore himself away from her throat.
"I will not take her life." Jake said, drunk.
He looked at Vaughn, still feeding on her. He put a firm hand on Vaughn's shoulder. "I'm still here, so you won't be killing her either."
Vaughn pulled away, disappointed. "But I'm still hungry."
"Yeah, I think you're healed." Jake replied sarcastically.
"She tastes so good, though." Vaughn said almost drunk on her.
"If she lives, then more for later." Jake made a point. 
"True, but I don't think you'll let me near her again."
"I'm sure you'll find a way. You always do." Jake retorted.
Jake scooped the unconscious girl away from Vaughn and into his somewhat safe arms. Vaughn was right though, she did taste good, and Jake couldn't wait for more, either. This was going to be a problem.
"She saved us both." Jake said.

Jake peered into the doorway at the woman sleeping in his bed. He listened in to her heartbeat, it still sounded weak compared to what a healthy human's heart sounded like, but it wasn't nearly as weak as when he first brought her to his bed the night before. He had kept watch over her since, if her heart had gotten any weaker instead of better, he wouldn't have hesitated to give her some of his blood to heal her. But so far, she was healing slowly on her own. 

She stirred for the first time and then immediately sat up, looking around and holding her head that was still spinning. Jake walked into the room. This could not go well, Jake reminded himself, she could be terrified from what she was apart of. 
"Am I...?" She asked, confused.
"You're not dead." Jake smiled, "Nor are you reanimated. Therefore, still human."
"Okay." She replied, still confused. She noticed the time on the clock and jumped off the bed.
"I need to get to work." 
Suddenly, she lost the floor underneath her, still weak from the blood loss. Jake used his speed to catch her. She fell into his arms and held onto him for support.
"Whoa, you're not going anywhere, you're still weak." Jake scooped her up, pausing to stare at her for a second.
"Are you and Vaughn..." She asked, unable to finish her sentence. She rested her head on Jake's shoulder
"We healed because of you." 
She smiled and then closed her eyes, passing out on him. 

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  1. I wonder how much did they drink, she might end up needing some transfusion.
    I just put a post in the group about the "science of vampire".

    Jake is very protective, I'm not sure if Vaughn is ever going to find a way, that sounds a bit dangerous. You make her seem so delicious. I wonder what's so special about her blood.

    1. Jake is trying not to give her his blood but he may have to, so that will be the transfusion.
      Jake is protective but as cocky as Vaughn is, he will sure try. ;)