Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vampire Friday o3.1o.17

Welcome to my favorite day of the week! 

I am continuing on with my story BloodLust - the first in the series - I had started from the very beginning of it all, where Karlea met Jake and Vaughn at the club she works at. Later that night, Jake saves Karlea from being killed by a random vampire as she walks home, figuring out Jake (and Vaughn's) secret. Jake walks her home only to find her apartment ransacked. Jake brings her to his apartment for the night and recruits Vaughn to help him go find answers about what kind of trouble Karlea is in. As she waits for them to return, she decides to get some rest after such a long night. She awakens to Jake and Vaughn coming back, badly injured and in need of live human blood. Where we left off last week, she had just walked into the room, and Vaughn warned her it wasn't safe for her to be there.

"I know it's not, but I can heal you." She said.
Her voice was almost drowned out by the sound of her heartbeat for Jake and Vaughn.
Jake rolled off the couch, onto his feet, not as gracefully as he usually was. He could barely stand. He looked like a corpse.
"No! I will not risk taking your life! Vaughn, will. I will not." Jake said, trying to stand between her and Vaughn. He would use whatever he had left in him, to keep her from being killed. Even though, once he perished, Vaughn would just kill her anyway, but it was innate for him to protect her. 
Vaughn smiled, Karlea noticing his fangs for the first time. He took another step forward, Jake putting out his arm in case Vaughn went in to attack, in hopes to catch him before he could reach Karlea. Even now, Vaughn was enjoying keeping his progeny on his toes. 

Karlea looked at them, she stepped slowly towards her messenger bag that was still sitting on the floor from earlier. Vaughn watched her like he was watching prey, as Jake watched both her and Vaughn.
Karlea grabbed her pocket knife she had shoved into the water bottle pocket.
"You helped me, please let me help you." She said. 

She flipped it open and dragged the blade across her skin from her shoulder to the top of her breast. She moaned quietly as she felt the sting of the wound and her blood start to drip down. She dropped the knife.
Jake and Vaughn both jumped back from the sight of her blood, trying to control themselves. The sweet smell of her blood hit both of them. Vaughn was reminded of his taste of her at the club. 
She watched as Jake's eyes turned red. He stood back in between her and Vaughn with both of his arms out again. 
"Karlea..."Jake spoke slowly, his voice strained, his eyes changing to black, losing all self control, "Run. Please, run."
Karlea shook her head and stood there. Vaughn went to attack, but Jake caught him and used whatever strength he had left to shove Vaughn aside. Jake used his speed to appear in front of Karlea. He put his arm around her and pulled her into him as she jumped in surprise. He placed his hand on her cheek as she breathed heavily.
"I'm so sorry." He said, Karlea seeing his fangs for the first time. She wasn't scared, she felt she was finally where she needed to be, right in their world. He licked the blood dripping down her before slamming his fangs into her. Her nails clawed into his arm and he felt her body tense up, but not in pain and fear, in excitement. She didn't struggle or try to pull away, she just let him take what he wanted. 
He was finally getting that taste he had been denying himself all night. Her blood was sweeter than he even imagined it. Sweeter than what Vaughn had described. Which meant this could get addictive if she actually lived through this. He tried to remind himself that every sip towards healing was a sip away from her life.
Vaughn stood back and watched, elated that his progeny finally had the balls to drink from her. Jake's severe wounds already healing. However, he still needed to heal, too. Karlea opened her eyes and did her best to hold out her wrist to him. Vaughn went over to her, taking her wrist to his mouth. He felt her body tense up as he bit into her wrist. He drank, but it wasn't enough. He pulled away. He pushed her hair away from the side of her neck that wasn't occupied by Jake and bit down. it wouldn't be the first time, he and Jake shared a feeding, although it had been years.

Between the sensations of Jake and Vaughn feeding, and the light headedness, it felt as though there was no ground beneath her feet. With her eyes closed, the darkness began to spin and she didn't have the strength to hold onto Jake for support, her hand slipping off of his body, however they both easily held her up with no effort. She tried to open her eyes to find her way out of the blackness, but couldn't. She was losing herself down in it, eventually being swallowed up.

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  1. It sounds so erotic even though they are treating her like the best meal they had in years.

    1. Thank you!!! :) Exactly what I was going for!