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Vampire Friday o3.24.17

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Where we last left off Karlea offered Jake and Vaughn her blood to heal them from their injuries. They both managed to stop drinking from her before she died. Jake took it upon himself to take care of her while she was recovering from the blood loss. She woke up but was still very weak. She asked Jake if he and Vaughn were all healed before passing out in Jake's arms...

Jake stared at the human in his arms. She had strained herself to ask if he and Vaughn were okay; humans shouldn't care if they survived being the monsters that he and Vaughn were, but this girl was different. 
She moaned in her sleep, snapping Jake out of his thoughts, as her heart began to tank - beating slower and slower.
"Shit." Jake said, as he held her, he needed to hurry. 
He bit his wrist and dripped his blood into her mouth, hoping that at that exact moment her heart wouldn't stop, or else she wouldn't be waking up human. 
He listened to her heartbeat slowly increase as he was relieved that she didn't die when his blood hit her tongue - her waking up as a vampire wouldn't go very well. Not so soon anyway and under these circumstances. Although, when was a human ever turned vampire under good circumstances, Jake knew it rarely happened. And this was a perfect bad situation for it to happen.
He placed her back in his bed. She stirred as he covered her and then fell back into sleep, her heart staying steady. 

Many hours later, Karlea opened her eyes. She squinted at the clock and then at the drapery on the balcony doors, she could see the daylight peeking though a tiny section of the drapery that hadn't been closed right. She looked across the room and saw Jake sitting in a chair, his laptop, closed, on a coffee table next to him.
"Hey." She said.
"Hey." Jake replied, as she sat up. She looked next to her to find the rest of Jake's big bed untouched.

"Did you sleep? I mean, I didn't mean to put you out of your bed."
Jake smiled and laughed slightly, "Sleep isn't a requirement. I mean I could, but I don't have to."
"Right." She answered. "So, you've been sitting in a chair watching me sleep? How long have I been out?"
"Almost, two days. And I've been keeping a watchful eye on you to make sure your heart didn't give out...again. It already did once yesterday. You almost died. I had to give you my blood to heal you."
Jake sat next to her on the bed. "If your heart had stopped in the moment I gave you my blood, you wouldn't have woken up human. You don't want to be what I am."
A wave of anger came over him, "What you did was extremely dangerous and usually deadly."
"I knew you and Vaughn wouldn't kill me." She replied. 
"I'm a vampire, you can't trust me. If you die in my arms, I don't want to have to make that decision of whether you stay dead or if I get selfish and make you like me. You really don't want this."
Karlea jumped off of the bed, "I should...I should go."
"Its not safe for you out there." 
"Its not safe for me in here. Just don't worry about me, I'll be okay. Sorry for all the trouble you got in because of me."
She headed towards the door. Jake used his speed to grab unto her and pull her into him, forcefully, making her gasp.
"I'm sorry," Jake spoke softly, "I just don't want this to be your fate. Not yet, hopefully not ever --"
"Look, I get it," Karlea interrupted, "You just met me and ended up coming to my rescue. You don't have to try to protect me. I'm just going to survive day by day, like I've always done. And if its really as dangerous for me out there as you say, then it should all be over rather quickly." 

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  1. Wow I like how she is so fiercy and independent. And how she seems to be skipping the subject of becoming a vampire too, like "let's not talk about it." So funny.
    I wonder why he has a bed if he doesn't sleep. That reminds me of Mulder not having on at the beginning of the X-files. Though that's always the first thing I think about when going to a new place, set the bedroom first lol. I don't know how he deals without sleeping.

  2. She's in a bad spot. She would rather Jake just just kill her instead of the vampires that are after her. And I don't think she knows enough about vampires to really make that decision, yet. But since Jake is unwilling to kill or turn her, what can she do.

    Ahhh. i love Maulder! Hehe. Jake was "sleeping" at the very beginning of the story to pass the daytime. He just doesn't have to sleep.