Friday, March 3, 2017

Vampire Friday o3.o3.17

Its been a long time, but here I am once again! This is my favorite day of the week.

So, where I last left off with my story BloodLust - the first in the series - I had started from the very beginning of it all, where Karlea met Jake and Vaughn at the club she works at. Later that night, Jake saves Karlea from being killed by a random vampire as she walks home, figuring out Jake (and Vaughn's) secret. Jake walks her home only to find her apartment ransacked. Jake brings her to his apartment for the night and recruits Vaughn to help him go find answers about what kind of trouble Karlea is in. As she waits for them to return, she decides to get some rest after such a long night.

Karlea awoke to a door bursting open outside of Jake's bedroom. She heard comotion and then the door slammed shut. She heard dishes and glasses crashing to the kitchen floor. 
She quickly climbed out of Jake's bed and quietly tiptoed down the long hallway. She cautiously peered around the corner to see Jake lying on the sofa, his torso covered in blood. She could only slightly see his face. He looked even more pale than he usually was from what she could see. She couldn't see his eyes, but she noticed the dark circles around them, that made him look completely dead. His body shaking, so close to complete and final death. Vaughn yanked a blood bag from the back of the fridge and opened it. He didn't look like he was doing well either, but better than Jake at the moment. He rushed over to Jake's side the best he could.
"You need live blood, not this shit." Vaughn said, as Jake's shaking bloody hand, reached for it slowly. 
Vaughn fell sitting on the floor, "We both do."
Jake sucked down some of the blood before he began to choke on it. He coughed and threw up blood onto the floor. Way more blood than what he just took in. 
"I need to find you a human." Vaughn said, grabbing the rest of the blood bag and drinking it. He threw down the bag when it was empty and waited for it to help with his wounds and his hunger.
"You're in no shape," Jake slowly said with a raspy voice as if he were struggling for air.
"This isn't doing shit." Vaughn said.
"Go heal yourself. Its too late for me. Take care of her."
"You know how I will take care of her, Jake."
"I know. She'll be better off."

Karlea stepped out from the hallway. 
"Karlea." Vaughn said as he stood up. "Its not safe for you."
His eyes were the darkest black as hunger took over. He took one step towards her. 

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  1. Oh my, she should have waited until Vaughn is out to go to Jake, she can't possibly help them both!