Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#MidWeekTease o4.19.17

Welcome to this week's MidWeek Tease :)

And I am so gonna tease you by continuing with an excerpt from my Camp NaNo project, called Blood Wine. It's a vampire erotic romance, set in western New York.
It's about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

Where we left off last week, Anton and Charlotte, met for the first time at the exhibit opening for Anton's artwork. Charlotte works at the museum. She was quite sassy when she introduced herself to him.

I watched him walk over to Jonathan as I walked back over to the admissions desk. I busied myself with organizing for the morning shift, trying to put the handsome Mr. Pierce out of my mind. As I worked, I couldn’t help but look up every few minutes to see what Mr. Pierce was up to. I finished organizing and went to look up, only Mr. Pierce was standing in front of the desk. I jumped back, a little startled.
“I apologize, I did not mean to frighten you.”
“It’s okay. You’re so quiet though, but I wasn’t paying attention either.”
“I didn’t want to disturb whatever you were doing, you looked a bit lost in thought.”
“I was just organizing for tomorrow morning.” I said, although it took longer for me to organize simply because I was lost in thought...about him.
“Well, I need to be demanding at the moment. I must demand that you show me the gallery that my work is in.” He said with a smile.
“You haven’t seen the gallery yet?!” I said, surprised that Jonathan hadn’t have shown him as soon as he walked in.
Mr. Pierce shook his head.
I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was ten minutes to nine.
“Okay, we have about ten minutes before the guests arrive.”
I opened the door to the main gallery, holding it open for Mr. Pierce. He reached over my head and grabbed onto the door.
“After you.” He said, holding the door, rather, for me.
I mouthed thanks and walked in, he followed behind.
“Your feet really need a rest don’t they?” He mentioned.
“Yeah, these aren’t the most comfortable platform shoes to be in for more than a few hours.” I replied as I continued to clomp through the gallery, these shoes feeling like bricks. As we walked around the auditorium, I turned to him.
“No complaining.” I said with attitude before bringing him around the corner.
He held his hands up and shook his head, “I promise.”
I held my hands out in ta-da motion, at the tables holding his bottles of fine wines and then continued walking into the gallery. I turned around to watch his reaction to the gallery. He walked in and looked around, looking pleased at the way everything was displayed. I looked around, too, and immediately was lost to his world of art, again.
“Your work is so…” I trailed off as I walked over to one of his sculptures on a pedestal. I felt him staring at me. “Dark, and full of suffering and pain.” I continued almost breathless.
I walked over to one of the large paintings on the wall. “A being filled with torment.”
“And your photographs are so stunning and beautiful with ghostly figures.”
He took a step next to me.
“Are you always so connected to art?” He whispered.
I nodded, “Yes.”
“Are you an artist, too?”
“Yes.”I replied before snapping out of my trance of his artwork. I looked at him.
“Thank you for what you said, at least someone here will understand it, I’m not sure everyone else will. They definitely didn’t offer me this exhibit because they thought I was a talented artist.”
“I think you are…”
“Well, thank you, Miss Charlotte.”
I smiled, “It just might make people think what you were going through to inspire this. But I have to admit I am curious, too.”
I met his gaze, then we both looked away.
“We should probably get back to the front.” I said.
He nodded and we walked out together, I tried to walk quieter through the gallery, but it was just impossible.
As we exited out of the gallery, I walked over to the desk.
“Is there anything I could get you before guests arrive, Mr. Pierce?” Mr. Pierce just rolling off my tongue.
“Anton. A glass of water would be great.”
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  1. Love the interaction between them - they're as engrossed by each other as they are by art itself :) Very nice tease.

    1. They so are! She's trying to remain professional while on the job, but she's losing her grip.
      Thanks for reading!