Friday, April 21, 2017

Vampire Friday o4.21.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday!

We continue on where we left off last week, where things were getting steamy between Jake and Karlea. We left off where Jake was warning her that she could lose her life doing this, if he loses control. Warning, heat level is hot!

Her fingers find his hips under his briefs. He pulled them off and then in a wave of passion that came over him, yanked on the lace around her, ripping them off, her naked body so beautiful before him. His body finding hers as they both moaned. He looked into her eyes.
"You're so beautiful, Karlea, in every way." He whispered.
She tried to speak, but his movements made her lose concentration and lost into the euphoria of sex. She kissed him long and hard. He pulled back, slightly sitting up as he kept the movement, his hands on her hips, enjoying the sounds that were escaping her, losing himself in them. Her hand reached up and touched his face. He placed his hand on hers and then held it. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. As their sounds became louder, he felt his eyes change over. The grip he had on himself was slipping, the sexual desire starting to drive his bloodlust. He held her hand to his mouth, showing his fangs. He wanted to bite her. Karlea noticed his red eyes, she pulled her hand from his and placed it back on his cheek, her thumb rubbing against his lip above his fang.
"Its okay." She whispered as she placed her hand back in his.
He stared at her as he brought her hand back to his mouth and bit down. A loud moan escaped from her, making her move on him even more passionately. Her sweet tasting, warm blood hit the back of his throat. He took a few sips and then let go, pulling her up to him, so her legs were wrapped around him sitting up. He could feel some of her blood on his lips. He went to wipe it off with his fingers but before he could, she licked his lips of her own blood. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. She smiled back at him and kissed him, running her tongue over his fangs. She kissed his neck, sucking on the skin, her tongue caressing him. He ran his fingers through her hair, leaving them on the back of her head, holding her to his neck. With his other hand he pushed away her hair that was covering the side of her neck that was facing him. He traced her jugular with his finger. She pulled away from his neck, exposing hers better. He looked at her and then closed his eyes, really exposing his fangs. He brought his head back, letting his bloodlust take over before he slammed his fangs into the vein. She screamed pleasurably, moving around on him, and weaving her fingers through his hair and holding him to her. Each sip of blood hit the back of his throat, so warm and sweet, and satisfying his thirst for a split second. He pulled his fangs from her skin while he had the strength to do so. He gently licked where he had punctured the skin and then sucked on her neck. He kissed her and let her lick the blood off of his lips, which he found so incredibly sexy. He stared at her and smiled, he was so drunk on her blood. She watched as he brought his wrist to his mouth and bit down. Blood dripped off of his wrist as he offered it to Karlea. She looked at it and then at him.
"I want to share it with you." He commanded, "Drink."

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  1. Blood exchange, that's so sexy!

    1. Something he told himself he wouldn't do, but he is so drunk on her right now, he's not exactly thinking straight.