Sunday, April 9, 2017

WeWriWa / Snippet Sunday o4.o9.17

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Where we last left off, Karlea remembered everything from the night before. She was getting a bit close and comfy on Armani before she realized he used his mind control ability to make her forget. He was basically testing her. She then asked if she had said no to remembering their night together, what he would have done. He said he would have respected that and not made her remember. As soon as it made Karlea feel secure, he had to mess with her. His last line was, "Unless I felt like being cruel, then I would have made you remember"...
"Damn it, Armani!" Karlea yelled, raising her fists once again and trying to fight his grip on her, "Why do you do these things?"
Armani chuckled, "Um..vampire. I quite enjoy what I am and what I can do."
Karlea rolled her eyes. 
"And because your reactions are so....human."
Armani let go of her. He watched her yell out in frustration as she grabbed the blanket from the floor, wrapping it around herself. 
"Love, you know I saw all of that last night, no need to cover back up." Armani smiled, "Or should I say, I felt it and tasted it all last night..."  

Grrr...I had one more line for him, but I couldn't make it fit. 

I had rough tough time choosing what to share this week. I started a new vampire story for Camp NaNoWriMo and I really wanted to share some of it. Completely new characters, unrelated to Karlea or Armani. I should really just focus on finishing Armani and the story with Jake and Karlea, but this was one of those things where it was in my head, driving me crazy unless I sat down and wrote some of it. I tried so hard to ignore the idea. I'll probably join the MidWeek Tease Blog Hop this week, to start sharing some of it.

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  1. How frustrating he is to taunt her like that. Such a vampire! LOL

    I forgot to sign up this week:

  2. Armani is a complete monster, I mean he doesn't go around killing every human in sight- some, not all, by accident. But he definitely uses his power as a vampire to tease and provoke, although he's never met anyone like Karlea that he's wanted to tease this bad.

    And Ughhh, yeah I've forgotten to sign up before too, so I understand. I'll be making my rounds for this week and last week, later today. With Camp NaNo, I'm having a tough time managing everything.

    1. *Isn't a complete monster is what I meant. Apparently I can't type this morning.

  3. lol - because her reactions are so....human.

  4. My alter ego does MidWeekTease and we'd love to host you there! I wonder if she's going to lose her mind with all his taunting!

  5. Ugh, he really isn't very nice. Hope he stops tormenting her!

  6. Covering up now is too little too late, I guess. His responses go a long way toward restoring the image of vampires as not nice people, after a few years of being whitewashed.

  7. I don't think I like him. Not sure yet. :-)

    Isn't it crazy how a story takes over your mind--and then the characters start talking--demanding to be heard. :-)It's such an amazing feeling... :-)

  8. I would totally want to smack him...

  9. Spoken like a true vampire. She's definitely got her hands full with him. ;)

  10. He loves tormenting her. LOL!!! Great snippet.