Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MidWeek Tease o5.24.17

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! I love being late to the party :(

Its been a crazy week already, but we are winding down on the school year and things always get crazy around this time. I also wanted to say that Kathleen Grieve's family is in my thoughts. I am so sad to hear of her passing!

Let's continue on with my WIP. It's about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

Where we last left off Anton and Charlotte were having a glass of wine after the artist reception at the museum. Anton was having issues controlling certain parts of himself ;)

“I have something for you.” I said, trying to change the subject, as I pulled my phone from my pocket. “I need your email, though, to send it to you.”
She looked at me, weird. "Ughh, why?" She questioned.
It took me a second to figure why she had asked like that.
"No, no, no." I slightly laughed, "Not that. I’m not sending you dick pics if that’s what you think. That’s happened to you?”

“Far too many times.” She laughed.

I shook my head, “I apologize for the male species everywhere.”
“I’m not against it,” I continued, now would have been the best time to send one, “but it takes some pretty heavy begging from the receiving party. I had Jonathan record the talk on my phone for you, but its too big of a file to text you.”
“Oh, wow, thanks.”
I nodded and handed her my phone with a new contact page for her info. She quickly typed.
“May I have your phone number, too?” I politely asked.
She raised her eyebrows at me and then a small smile crept across her face.
“Yeah.” She replied, “You get annoying, I don’t have a problem hitting the block button.”
“Point taken.” I said, swirling and sipping more wine. “On that note, you don’t have a lover that’s going to want to beat the crap out of me for talking to you and keeping you so late?”
I wasn’t sure how well the monster in me would react to a possessive significant other, it was already hard enough to control myself around her.
She handed me my phone. “No, I’m a free agent. Have been for a long time, so no worries here. What about you? Am I going to have some crazy lover... or ex lover after me because I had a glass of wine with you?”
“Absolutely not. I’ve been too busy with the winery for any romantic entanglements.”
It had actually been over a century since I had last “dated” anyone.
She went to sip her wine, instinctively I put my hand on hers, “Swirl it first.”
“Right.” She replied, as if trying to remember. Her soft skin once again sending a spark through me. I quickly removed my hand so she could drink.
“You’ll learn.” A bit of dominance slipping into my tone.
She wasn't lost to it. She stared at me for second, her eyes dilating for a moment. She smiled before she brought the glass to her lips.

She seems to be having all these different effects on him. The ones she notices, I think she likes :)

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors below.

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs, ~Siren X


  1. Thanks for joining us again this week! Looking forward to her discovering who he is.

  2. I like how they are getting to know each other, and she seems more comfortable around him. :)

  3. Another great tease :)

  4. I think she affects him too... GRIN! Hot tease :)