Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thurs Threads o5.11.17

Prompt: "Don't say much, do you?"

My flash fiction this week was a continuation of other flash fictions that involved a vampire character named Lord Kian. He had kidnapped a woman to be his mate during a hunt with other vampires. 

I set her down in the corner of the room and watched her. She sat there staring at me, slowly working the rope that binds her hands. She was making good progress. Most human women would be scared out of their wits, but not her, which is why I chose her. She was strong, brave, a fighter, survivor, and to top it all off,  absolutely beautiful. I didn't need to read her thoughts to know she had been through some shit in her day. And she definitely wasn't going to put up with mine.
"I'm Kian, but I think you already know that." I said removing my hooded cowl, so she could finally see my full face. She stopped working the rope to stare at me for a second and then looked away. I didn't know if she was staring in awe of my bright blue eyes or my fangs.
"And you are?" I said. She looked back at me. Silent.
I grinned, "You don't say much, do you?"
I laughed as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. I knew fully well the mind control I placed on her to not speak when I captured her, was still in effect.
I knelt down in front of her and forced her to look into my eyes. I searched her thoughts.
"Do you feel me in your head...Emma?"
She closed her eyes, trying to pull away, my grip far too strong.
"You're mine, Emma. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to make you immortal."

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