Saturday, May 6, 2017

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Prompt: "It's actually working."
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I shook the lifeless, naked body in my arms, hoping by some miracle she would wake up. Nothing. No breath. No faint heartbeat. Just dead. I took too much. I drained her. I drank her so dry in the heat of passion, that there wasn't even any blood left in the puncture wounds on her neck. Her skin becoming cold like mine.
She couldn't be dead....I didn't want her dead.
I held her slightly up in one arm, using my teeth to tear the flesh on my wrist. I pressed it to her mouth, covering her lips with my blood.
I waited... 
I waited what seemed like forever, but nothing was happening. She wasn't turning. I never did this before, I only knew how it was done. Maybe I didn't have it in my blood.
I hung my head in defeat. My love was gone, this life wouldn't be worth living without her... 
I felt movement. Her lips latched onto my wrist and she drank. It was sexy. 
"It's actually working." I said aloud.
The sensation of her drinking so urgently was overpowering and I lost myself in it, until she let go, screaming in pain. 
Her body died a second time in my arms. I waited another eternity for her to awaken. She gasped for air, wrapping her arms around my neck, her naked body clinging to my naked body. It took her a minute to stop breathing, realizing that she didn't need to breathe. 
"Am I dead?"
"Welcome to forever, my love." I replied.
Bleeding Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

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