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Vampire Friday o6.22.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

Where we left of last week, Karlea pulled the stake from Jake and then Vaughn. Her and Jake, later talked about about their relationship and how Vaughn is involved in it. 

"I guarantee you wouldn't like me as much." Jake continued. "Everything will test us being together." 
Karlea reached for his hand and held it. He winced and grabbed his side.
"May I borrow your knife?" He asked. 
Karlea nodded and went in search of her messenger bag in the living room. When she found it, she pulled her pocket knife from it and handed it over to Jake. He lightly kissed her forehead and made his way to his bathroom. Karlea followed behind as she watched him get a few towels from the linen closet. He stood in front of the sink, running his fingers over the area where Vaughn had staked him. He could feel the bumps of splinters underneath is skin. 
"You might want to turn away." Jake warned.
He used her knife to cut open his side as Karlea watched in somewhat fascination, his eyes turning back over to red. His blood pouring down him as he tried to catch it with a towel and not make a mess of his bathroom. Realizing it was pointless, he gave up. He reached his fingers into the wound, trying to pull the splinters out. He managed one and threw it into the sink. He pulled out a few more, but had trouble in doing so, wincing against the pain. 
"Here let me." Karlea said, "Sit."
She walked into the bathroom, setting down her tea on the floor as Jake sat on the counter. She squatted down to wound level and reached her fingers in, pulling out a few splinters.
"Most humans would be completely grossed out by this." Jake said through gritted teeth. 
"We've already established I'm not like most. Maybe I was a surgeon in a past life." She joked. 
He moved as she tried to grab another splinter, it slipping from her fingers. Karlea looked up at him, looking into his red eyes. She lifted her left wrist to his mouth.
"Drink. It will help, right?"
Jake nodded. He grabbed onto her wrist with his bloody hands and bit down carefully, listening to a small moan escape her lips. Her blood causing the splinters to move up and almost out. Karlea quickly pulled them all out as Jake continued to drink.
"I think I got them all." She said as she watched his wound close up. She felt him slow down on his drinking. "Don't stop."
She stood up as he drank at a slightly faster pace. His head resting on her chest as she placed her other arm around him, her breath heavy. He slowed down again, finally pulling away, her wrist covered in his bloody fingerprints.  
"Thank you." He said, looking at her.
"Whenever you need blood, tell me. I'll give it to you."
"That would be like all the time."
"Then its all the time until I have no more to give."
He placed his bloody hands on her face, kissing her passionately, as she touched his face with her also bloody hands.
"We'll take on all those tests together." Karlea said, referring to what Jake had said to her in the kitchen. 
He kissed her again. She broke away, looking at the mirror directly in front of them. It was just her.
"You have no reflection."
"You just noticed that?"

Karlea shook her head.
"Yeah, that's a vampire thing. This mirror is made with silver, most are not anymore. I have to be careful around them in public until I'm certain they will cast my reflection."
"So much to be aware of."
"You get accustomed to it." He replied, "I'm not fond of pure silver. It burns us, if it touches our skin. Most cheap jewelry isn't pure enough, which is why your rings don't hurt me. Silver backed mirrors won't cast a reflection and film with silver halide won't capture our image. Your vampire history lesson for the day."
Karlea smiled, wiping her hands on the towel. She grabbed her knife.
"What are you doing?" He asked. 
"Helping Vaughn." She answered with a little bit of reluctance in her voice, grabbing her tea from the floor. 

Will Vaughn take her help? Or will he hurt her?

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  1. She better question him before helping him, what the hell was he trying to do anyway!?