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Vampire Friday o6.o2.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

Where we last left off Jake told Karlea he loved her, thinking she wouldn't feel the same. But she admitted that she did. During sex, Jake started to lose control and Karlea made no attempt to stop him from drinking from her when she started to become weak, instead she encouraged him to keep going...

Jake heard her words, it was rare for a human to be this into vampirism. He should be scared and he should be scolding her for encouraging him, but he was so lost to the moment. Too much more taken and he would be siring her. He thrusted in her as he continued to drink, the creature in him not caring, figuring it would be a good feeling for her as he took her life and replaced it with an immortal one... 

Jake pulled away from her. "One day." He repeated over and over.
He looked at her, she was weak but conscious, his blood that was already in her, would fix her. He laid down beside her, pulling her into him, wrapping his arms around her. 
"One day, I will turn you." He said, looking at her, kissing her forehead, "Just not today. There's so much you don't know and so much you don't understand yet. I want to show you everything first. And, please let us both enjoy you being human, its so different when you're like this. Once its done, you can't ever go back."
Karlea shook her head, Jake intertwining his fingers with hers. He kissed her passionately. 
"Rest." He said, "My blood is still in your system. It will heal the blood loss, but it might take it a little bit to work."
Karlea nestled into him and wrapped her body around him as he covered them with the comforter. She leaned upwards to kiss him.
"As a warning, you may have some pretty erotic dreams with that much of my blood in you." Jake teased, smiling. 
"More erotic than anything we've done in your bed already?" She questioned, raising her eyebrows.
"I don't know, you'll have to tell me when you wake up." He replied, kissing her deeply.
"Mmmm...I better fall asleep then."
She put her head back on his shoulder. It didn't take long for Jake to notice a change in her breathing, she was out cold on him. Although he didn't require sleep, he wanted to sleep next to her. 
He wandered to her blood, feeling his connection within her. He had drank enough of her blood and she had drank his, leading to a connection that would allow him, if he wanted, to know where she was if she wasn't with him. To know everything about her. He would be able to feel if she was alive or dead. He could already read humans thoughts if he wanted to, a gift all vampires had, but having a connection with her blood was more intimate. He focused in on listening to her heartbeat. He tried to quiet the sound a bit in his ears, so he wouldn't lose control again from it, and let the rhythm soothe him into a light sleep. 

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  1. I don't know why but even when everything seems to be fine, I still feel this edge of danger. I think you make it really clear that a human vampire relationship is dangerous without having to make Jake wanting to walk out of it all the time like people generally do in vampire story. It's really refreshing.